April 6, 2010

A Ministering Angel Shall My Sisters Be

I am near tears putting this post together because of the tender thoughts I have for whom this post is about...
My Sisters.
I have Fabulous Sisters.

They both have April birthdays coming up this weekend.
My sisters make me special. They are my confidants. They are my best friends. I Love Them Dearly.
My oldest sister has a special place in my heart. She has a special place in everyone's hearts because she is THAT special herself. There isn't a hateful bone in her body. There is only
love, compassion, thoughtfulness, & generosity.

Memories of Elyce:
Elyce does not like pets. I have always been a dog lover - they called me Woofie growing up. When the family dog, Rose, died I was crushed. Elyce lived in Utah at the time & caught the next flight to Arizona to be with me because when she asked what she could do for me, I replied, "Come home." She did, she always comes home when I need her. She always answers her phone when I need her. She always sends a card in the mail when I need her. Even though she has lived out of state for most of my life, she has never forgotten me on any kind of big occasion in my life. Whether it be (a dog's death), a birthday, a Valentine's Day, High School Graduation, or my bridal shower - she was either there or called me to ask how it was. In fact, she is ALWAYS the first one to call me on my Birthday.
Elyce taught me the lyrics to Hungry Eyes.
She's the reason I love Celine Dion.
Elyce taught me how to tie my shoes, "Bunny Ears" style.
She knicknamed me Mookee at a young age & I adore being called Mookee by her.
One time when I was little she asked me if there was anything I had never done but always wanted to do. I wish I could remember everything (I'm sure she does - she's like that - she would remember everything I said) but a couple things were:
1. I've never been in a convertable.
2. I've never driven on Stapley between Brown & McKellips (I must have thought some magical lost kingdom was hidden in this location & I'd never seen it.)
3. I've never seen my name written on a car sign (I must have been jealous that my other sister Bethany, had Bethany Home Road).
4. I've never been to Red Lobster.
So Elyce rented a convertable, Red, & drove me around town. She drove me to that magical kingdom on Stapley between Brown & McKellips. She found Megan Street in Gilbert & drove me by so I could see my own special street sign. I had my first taste of popcorn shrimp at Red Lobster & apparently it was love at first taste. She also took me to my very first concert- The Dixie Chicks. She has always spoiled me rotten & still does to this day. I am not one that likes to be in somebody else's debt, & I usually try to repay others' kindness towards me. I will NEVER be able to repay Elyce - she has given me too much.
She has ALWAYS loved me. I mean ALWAYS. She is the only person I can think of who I don't think has ever been mad at me or disliked me for even a second (& if she has - she's never let me know it).
My sister is 1 in a Billion. I love you Elyce.
Happy Birthday!

My sister Bethany is just as special. We did not always get along like we should have. She is the sibling closest to me in age - meaning she's the only one I could fight with. She is also the complete opposite of me (which probably made me jealous of her - creating more reason we didn't get along). She has always been outgoing, I have always been shy. She likes to have fun being active in sports or being the center of a party. I like to hang out at home & don't enjoy even going to parties. We shared a room together & that created tension (my own fault). I am a perfectionist & neat freak, she was a normal teenager who had a messy room, I couldn't handle it. It drove me crazy. Now that we are grown & don't have to share a room together, we have become friends. She is FUN, outgoing, friendly, & kind. Bethany is a people pleaser. She is also a Peacemaker.

Memories of Bethany:
Bethany always allowed me to tag along with her & hang out with her friends. I remember going with her to her friends' house, playing games, going swimming, & eating pizza. This made me feel special like I was grown up & cool because I had friends who were older than me. She still includes me. Whether her family is going to Disneyland or to the zoo, I get an invite.
When we were little we would play school. She [+ a friend] would be my [+ a friend] teacher. We had a chalkboard & would complete homework assignments.
Bethany always let me borrow her clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc. I remember the first time I put make-up on. She sat me down, did my make-up, did my hair, dressed me up & made me beautiful. She also taught me what to do with deodorant...She told me deodorant went under your armpits + all over your stomach. I believed her. Did I mention Bethany is also very sneaky? She's also the one that told me dog food tasted good. I believed her.
Bethany is probably one of the few people that can get me to come out of my shell. I remember dancing for hours to Independent Love Song - from the Bed of Roses soundtrack. We cleared a space in the family room, made up a totally awesome dance, perfected it, & performed for anyone who would watch. I don't dance. EXCEPT with Bethany to that song. She is fun. She has fun. She teaches me how to have fun. She's inventive & creative with her children. She is an excellent example to me on how to be a good mother.
She's 1 in a billion. I love you Beth.
Happy Birthday!

The best thing about having sisters is that I will always have friends.


Mom said...

And this is why I am the luckiest mother ever with three fabulous daughters! The best thing about having three wonderful daughters is that I always have friends! Thanks, Meg, Beth and Elyce, you are three in a billion and I love you!

Peterson Fam said...

Wow! That's a lot of kindness in one post! Thanks for brightening my life with your thoughtful words! There's not a day that goes by that I'm not thankful for my sisters. Megan, I feel like we've switch roles...you're the fun and outgoing one! I really look up to you and don't know how you do all that you do...I use to think serving others was something I was good at...but you blow me away! You're the queen of service and I'm so thankful that I'm often the recipient. THANK YOU! I love you! Thanks for the sweet birthday post! I wish I could top it! :) You're the best!!!

shillibeans said...

I love you girls! You are amazing! Thank you for letting me join your family!

Sharon said...

I wish I could copy and paste this to my sisters! It's so thoughtful and loving. You're lucky, blessed girls and I'm sure the whole family is blessed by your relationships.