April 3, 2010

Baking: My Outlet

Work has been busy lately. I've been working l...o...n...g...e...r hours & it Wears. Me. Out. At the beginning of the week I told myself "Self, no matter how tired you get, YOU are making cookies for co-workers/home teachers, decorating Easter Sugar Cookies and Cupcakes with Mom, & dying Easter Eggs to be used later in making Deviled Eggs!"
I've done it! My legs want to fall off, my feet are throbbing, & my hands are tired from squeezing piping bags, but I've done it.

I've even managed to squeeze some other super fun stuff into my week as well. On the night I made Ricotta Sugar Cookies for co-workers/home teachers we also watched The Princess & the Frog

Very cute & very amusing. (Like I always say, any movie is funny/better when you watch it with Jordan because he notices little things that really are funny, but you are too lame to notice yourself. Am I right everyone or am I right?)
The following night I got to dye eggs [thanks to my mother for purchasing the eggs + dye] so I could live my childhood again for an evening. It IS as fun as I remember.

Bethany called Saturday morning & invited Jordan & I to see How To Train Your Dragon in 3D. It was awesome! Very clever & entertaining.

After the movie, I headed to my parents' to decorate baked goods for the rest of the day. My kind of day right there. I should bake all day every day. It makes me happy. Who wouldn't be happy being around cupcakes all day?

And Sugar Cookies?

I love the little Sheepies.

Yep, I decorated ALL of these & enjoyed every minute of it.

Baking is my new escape after several long weeks of work. I always enjoy the [delectable] results & the accomplishment I feel when I've completed a job well done. Now all that is left to polish off my weekend is to make some more cupcakes & of course create some delicious deviled eggs out of my Dyed Easter Eggs before it's back to work on Monday. Bytheway, Happy Easter everyone.


Mom said...

Thank you by sweet, darling, daughter for decorating all my sugar cookies and cupcakes yesterday, making me look like I slaved away all day too! I love spending time with you and I love watching you develop your talent to be creative and make things beautiful! You are already proficient at being loyal, true and generous! I am so LUCKY!!!

Chris, Mom,and Grandma said...

Thanks for the cookies Megan they were really cute and good, what will they do with out you for those short months you are gone! glad you enjoy baking!