May 6, 2011


{I'm going to jump right in here...if you are wondering why, when, where, & for whom I did this, check out the last blog post "Easters."}
I use the word slavedom, but really my services were voluntary.
I like to paint, what else can I say.
After over 20 gallons of paint (7-8 different colors),
maybe 50 paint rollers, thousands of feet of painter's tape, and millions of brushstrokes, I could still probably spend at least another three weeks finishing things up!
Here are the "Before's" and the "After's," get your "Ooh's" and "Ahh's" ready.
I thought we would start at the front door.  Actually, this is not my masterpiece to brag about.  Mom painted the door...
This is the large family room, leading to the kitchen.
The fireplace looks 1,000% better than it did!
U-G-L-Y {it ain't got no alibi!}
The spare bathroom upstairs...
Master Bedroom
Lucy & Nora's bedroom
The basement..."After"
{That is a jumpy castle in the middle of the floor...& the whiter part of the wall is for the projector to shine on & play movies.}
The babies room..."After"
I painted two of these side tables.
I also made this shelf a little more used to be plain ol' white.
This is the only "Before" picture I have of this nightstand, but it turned out really nice too.
Now you can see why I may still be picking paint out of my fingernails.
There were a few more rooms I painted that weren't pictured:
1 office
2 hallways
1 master bathroom
1 living room
11 kitchen
I think Nora likes her new house though, what do ya think?!


Mom said...

Wow! I say we accomplished a lot in three weeks. You were an absolute God send to help Beth get settled and ready for her new baby! Thank you!

Sharon said...

Amazing!! I still want to see it all in person! If you ever feel the need to paint, my office is really blah... Great job on everything!

Peterson Fam said...

You're amazing! Thanks a million! It would still look gross and nasty if it wasn't for you! I'm still working on Adam to get Lucy's curtains hang! I gotta learn to do this stuff on my own cuz I just want it done already! It was great hanging out with you and I love you dearly! Thanks for slaving your hours and sweat to my family! You're the bestest!