May 5, 2011


Easters.  If you don't know why there is an 's' on the end of Easter, GO watch Nacho Libre...
anyway, as you may or may not have noticed, I am behind.  WAY behind.  Allow me to get caught up. 
Rewind to three weeks ago, April 12, my sister's birthday!!!  Jordan & I flew to Dallas where we then went our separate ways, him to Florida for a convention & me to Mesa to help the birthday girl.
Bethany needed help.  She was 8 months pregnant,
moving into a new house that was a foreclosure and in need of a lot of work.  Since I am the designated painter in the family & I fly free, I was happy to do my part.  Jordan joined me there Easter weekend so we could participate in the celebration of a very happy couple, Jordan's little brother Stephen & his new wife, Ginny.
Their reception was fabulous,
 her dress was gorgeous, & we were so happy we could see them be sealed for time and all eternity.
 Easter consisted of going to church, Deviled Eggs,
 Grilled Salmon, Lemon Passion Cake,
& an  Easter Egg Hunt!!!
First the littles get a head start...
then their older BIGGER siblings join them.
When the hunt was completed, consuming the candy began.  Oh, & Uncle Ben looking around for generous little hands.
I did many other things while visiting Mesa, not all were captured on film. 
We dined at a yummy Thai place in Gilbert with Jordan's siblings...twice!
Jordan & I saw
which was, eh.
I got a pedicure.
I had a girls night with my mom & Beth.  {A much needed break from all the painting!}
We saw
which I really liked.
Mostly I painted, but I will put the three weeks of slavedom in a separate blog post {mostly for you, Elyce ;) }.
It was wonderful to see all of our loved ones.
 Until next time...


Nick and Kayla Peterson said...

I love reading your blog, you always make it fun to read!

Mom said...

I loved having you here! thanks for making your extra scrumptuous lemon passion cake for me. You're the best!

Chris, Mom,and Grandma said...

Oscar said where was I! looks like everyone had a great time! Megan come paint my room its in desperate need of a make over!ha and yes the reception was very nice!

Sharon said...

We loved having you both here! Hopefully, it won't take another wedding to get another visit...JJ??

Peterson Fam said...

Good times! Wish you were here so we could do it all again! I'm ready for a chick flick and some Nello's! You looked cute at the wedding! Hottie! Miss you sissy poop!