June 7, 2011

Cadbury Cream

A lot has been going on around here!
A couple weeks ago we went to Dallas with our friends.
Unfortunately, we all went because they are sadly moving there. 
It was fun going back to Texas.  I love Texas!
I told Jordan, "I like Tulsa, but I love Texas!"
All the fun memories from last summer came flooding back to us...through our stomachs.
Rudy's BBQ,
Chuy's Tex-Mex,
& pinkberry
 were all located in the same shopping center in Arlington.
We had a really fun time together.  We all stayed at the Adolphus Hotel (the Queen of England herself has stayed there).
Jordan & I went to the Sixth Floor Museum.  It is the location that Lee Harvey Oswald set up his rifle & shot President Kennedy.  It was really neat to learn all about it & see the spot where it all took place.
We are really going to miss the Mason's! 
I will especially miss smuggling their dog Ralphie
into Target when Natalie & I are on a Cool Ranch Dorito's & Chocolate Gelato run.
As soon as we got home from Dallas we were welcomed home by an ENORMOUS storm. Tornadoes ripped through Oklahoma City, then headed through Tulsa, & beyond.  Luckily, we ended up being in a portion of the storm that wasn't as violent as it was everywhere else.  We could hear some nearby tornado sirens going off, but ours never did.  Nevertheless, I hung out bravely in a closet until it passed.

Then the week after that Jordan's sisters & mom passed through on their way to move Lindsay (Beauty on the right) to Tennessee.  They were only here overnight, but it was good to see their beautiful faces. 
I know Jordan enjoyed showing them around town!

The MOST exciting part of the past few weeks was this last weekend.
We finally got a dog!!!
Meet Cadbury Rogers ♥ ♥ ♥
He is 5 months old & as precious as can be. 
{Look at that Buddha belly!} 
He really is a sweetheart.
{He poops out wherever he feels the need.  He'll be walking next to you one minute & the next he plopped down to take a break.}
We found him at the Tulsa Animal Shelter.  He wasn't available yet, but he must have really worked his magic on Jordan because Jordan went back a few days later to put our names on the waiting list.  We were #2.  Then the day he became available, Jordan & I made sure to get to the shelter as soon as it opened so we could get first dibs.  Lucky for us #1 never showed so Cadbury (the Carin Terrier mix)was all ours!
I am so glad he has joined our little family.  He will be able to keep Jordan company when I go home to Arizona this coming week so I can meet my newest nephew, Drake.
See you soon little guy!


Mom said...

Finally! Cadbury cream is precious! Much cuter than our famously ugly cairn terrier, Chelsea. I was hoping you would bring him along when you come so he could meet the family! See you soon! Love you!

Sharon said...

I'm so glad your computer is up and running! We loved visiting you two and seeing how beautiful Tulsa is. I'm with your mom~ I wish you could bring CB with you, but it's nice Jordan will have some company. He's adorable!

Mom said...

Lucy says, "I really want to see Cadbury! I think he is cute!"
Bennett says, "I love your dog, Cadbury! Please could you come to our house with Cadbury!" We want to know how tall is he and how many pounds is he? And how many feet long is he?

faith said...

It was great to visit with you today! Have a great trip to Mesa. And congrats on Cadbury. He's very cute!

Peterson Fam said...

Come on Megan! Just bring the cute doggie with you! Seems like a keeper! Can't wait to see you! I'll try to prepare the kids that your coming is better than Cadbury's and you will have to do!

Megan and Jordan said...

Oh, Dear.

Chris and Heather said...

Will you be smuggling Cadbury? I need a little puppy breath.