June 28, 2011

Laynee June

I was going through some old pictures and came across one of my favorites.  I kept it framed in my bedroom.  This is Laynee when she was just a little round thing.
She turned 8 last week! I missed going to her house for birthday celebrations and homemade ice cream as requeseted by the birthday girl {a girl after my own .  Ice cream addict for life!}.
This gal is super smart.  One Sunday evening I remember teaching her the word 'putrid.'  She never forgot it and whenever she would see her me, she would say something like, "Meme, don't you think Bobby {troublesome-filled little brother} is smelling putrid today?!"
Laynee's Great Grandma (on her mom's side, so not my Grandma) has always said Laynee and I look alike.  I can only hope I am that cute!
I am super proud of your decision to get baptized and will be with you in
Love you Layne-Bop!!


Mom said...

I love it! Thank you being so thoughtful and remembering everyone in your blogs!

Holly said...

We missed our ice cream loving Aunt. We love you SOOOO much Aunt Meme!