August 15, 2011

Cadbury Goes to Dallas

My brother, Tim, & his family just moved to Dallas!  We took a little road trip south so we could help out.  Cadbury prefers to ride in comfort & for him comfort means sitting like this...!
{There was absolutely NO staging done here.  The dog sat like this all by himself!}
We had an entertaining drive, to say the least.
My parents, Tim's family, & my brother, Chris, & his wife, Heather, were making the
L     O     N     G
2-day trek across Arizona, New Mexico, & Texas with the moving van & cars so we got to Dallas earlier than them. With a few spare hours we arranged to visit the Mason's! We were so excited to see them.  We went out to lunch, did some window shopping in Downtown Dallas, & toured their new home in Irving.  Then we headed over to Tim & Holly's new Texas home,
while Tim goes to Chiropractic School, to help with the move.
I was glad some of my family got to meet Cadbury.
He too, was thrilled to see everybody.
At 10 o'clock we all headed to get some dinner to fill our empty bellies.  Where else would we go in Texas, but Chuy's!
Before we headed back home, the following day, we grabbed lunch,
& drove by the Dallas Temple.
It was a lot of work & all who helped are exhausted from their labors
& maybe even a teeny bit crazy from the lack of sleep.
{What my Smart Alec dad did when Cadbury failed to fetch his rope & since dad was standing next to it, Jordan said, "Fetch, Bob."}
I know the three of us from Tulsa are bone tired,
but it is always nice to see family!
Guess who is headed up to Tulsa tomorrow!!!


Sharon Mae said...

I'm sure they appreciated all your help. I wish we were on our way to see you, too! That's great that CB is such a good traveler.

Tim said...

It was nice to see you guys and to get some help. We hope you can come visit again soon, and we will work on coming up to Oklahoma sometime.