September 7, 2011

Arizona Bound

I was finally able to visit Arizona. It had been way too
 l      o      n      g  !
I had yet to meet my newest nephew and it was my sweet Mother Dearests birthday
Flights have been so bad over the summer that when I saw how wonderfully open they were early on a Wednesday morning, I called up Jordan & told him to book my flight! One hour later I was headed to Arizona!
Drake is adorable and quite chunky! What a sweet boy he is!  For my mom's birthday we celebrated by meeting Ben at Firehouse Subs for lunch...his treat! {It's free on your birthday, by the way.}
 After lunch, we did some shopping.
My mom loves Jordan's Grandma Twila's Rocky Road Chocolate Buttermilk Cake and that was what she requested for her birthday cake. 
I was so happy to see all these kiddos!
While I was in Mesa, my sister-in-law had her baby girl, Livy. So I got to visit her too!
This sweet little girl weighed in at a whopping 10 pounds 8 ounces at the time of her birth!
I was also able to sneak in a quick visit to good old SSE & see all these beautiful faces that I miss working with everyday.
I had just missed Marianne,
but she drove all the way to see me when she got off work {super sweet of her} & I was thrilled to hear she was {finally} pregnant!  So very happy for her!
I had fun seeing everyone and spending some precious moments with my family, whom I miss! 
I was definitely needed back home though...
before all the toilet paper got torn to pieces.
Since I have been home, I have been helping Cadbury kick his toilet paper eating habit &...
I got my hair cut!
I also was made an official Okie...I got my Oklahoma Driver's License.  I'm not gonna lie, I had a hard time parting with the old Arizona one.  Oh well, time to move on!


Peterson Fam said...

Wahoo! Love the hair! Bet that would've helped you endure the heat while you were here! Glad you could come. Hope it won't be another 4 months before I see you again! Love you sissy poo! Thanks for all your service. You are wonderful and I appreciate you! COME SEE ME!! Cali???

Tiffany Houston said...

Your hair looks great! and yeah, firehouse is the BEST. Im still trying to convert my family...

Sharon said...

Very cute hair!! It was so fun to have you visit and it looks like you had a great time. Another reason to be glad summer's over!

Mom said...

I love your hair! I was delighted to have you surprise me for my birthday. What a wonderful surprise! I also especially loved my birthday gift, a gift of service, cleaning my house from top to bottom! Wow and how it needed it! You are beautiful both inside and out! Love you!

Linz said...

Love the hair Megan!! You look awesome!!!