November 10, 2011

Evening In Excellence

I serve as the Young Women's Second Counselor.  Last night we had our Evening In Excellence.  It has been a very busy past three weeks in preparation.  I made the invitations...
the name cards...
and the programs.
I was also in charge of dessert.  These tasty edibles turned out so cute.
White Chocolate {Colored} Dipped Oreos
White Chocolate Drizzled Pretzles
& my favorite - Cake Batter Rice Krispies!
(found here)
It was a fun evening, but I am also relieved it is over!
Spending 2 days in the kitchen with my attention OCUPADO left Mr. Cadbury to his own devices.



Elisabeth said...

Wow! I bet you're awesome with the Young Women. I really want to try those cake batter rice crispies... I'll have to find someone to make them for me now that I'm confined to a bed :)

Holly said...

Yeah! They turned out great. Now they are on to you.

Mom said...

You're AMAZING! How fun, everything looks great! I love the multi-(value) colored oreos and cake batter rice crispy treats, what's that about? Sounds yummy! I love seeing you use your bounteous creative talents to serve in your calling and serve the Lord. What a blessing you are! Love you Meg!