December 1, 2011

Death of the Honda

I have been avoiding posting about this particular subject until all was final & 'at peace' - so to speak.
About a month and a half ago I was driving home from a mutual activity and a 'gentleman' {Ha! He was anything, BUT a gentleman} turned left in front of me. I had a brand new 12 year old Beehive with me.  As the smoke from the airbags settled and we both established we were okay, we exited my poor, mangled Honda
My first thought was to make sure the 'gentleman' was okay.  His first concern was to call me every curse word his brilliant vocabulary could summon while pacing in circles around my car.  THEN he proceeded to check on his 3 year old from the backseat of his comment.  Anyway, two REAL gentlemen came running over (they were eating dinner across the street and saw the accident and heard what was happening) & rescued me from the 'Word Vomiting Parent of the Year.'
Everyone was okay, and thankfully there were zero injuries. 
 That following morning I contacted his insurance and gave my statement. 
& waited...
& waited...
& waited...
{I spent a total of 4 weeks confined to my home. No car. Just me and Cadbury. Things got rough.}
He ignored his insurances phone calls for 3 weeks.
He did finally give his statement.
{Which at this point was pretty much irrelevant since I had a witness on my side to discount his lies.}
So I thought the drama was over, but I then waited 1 more week while the insurance counseled with their lawyers on whether or not 'Parent of the Year' should be covered by insurance since he fraudulently bought insurance under his brothers name. 
Finally, the day before I flew back to Mesa for Thanksgiving, I heard these blessed words, "We have decided we are going to deal with him separately, but we know it is not your fault that any of this has come about so we are going to move forward and cover you." 
Honda was totaled and a check will be gracing my mailbox any day now.
There were many, many things to be grateful for the night of the accident & since:
• No injuries. I was never even a smidgen bit sore. Nothing. Zip. Nada!
• I did not freak out. I had my wits about me. I was not alone at the moment of impact. I know I had a co-pilot.
• As I already mentioned the 2 witnesses/angels that stayed with me until Jordan got there.  They spoke words of comfort and direction. {& kept jerk face away from me! :) }
• I got a phone call from Natalie, the First Counselor in the Young Women Presidency, saying she was dropping other girls off home after the activity, and saw the flashing lights of police cars, ambulance, and firetruck from a distance and she knew I was involved.  She was able to come pick up the  Beehive  and take her home so Jordan could stay with me while the police did their work.  By the way, Natalie visit teaches the  Beehives  mom (who is not active in the church) and had not up until that point been able to get past the doorstep on her visits.  She was able to come in and chat with her that night.
• My husband was a champ and after working all day would come pick me up, get me out of the house, and run all my errands with me that I couldn't get done without a car during the day.
• When I hit the other car, I knocked off its rear tire. I firmly believe he was ranting and raving and pacing in circles because he knew with the tire being knocked off he could not run from the accident...which I believe he would have done if he was able.
I will miss the Honda. It was in our family for 15 years.  We may not have always gotten along, but I do know it was way better than having a car payment!


Elisabeth said...

Glad it all turned out okay =)

Owen <3 Alyssa said...

So scary Megan! I'm glad you're okay. Thank goodness for insurance and getting $ for a new car!