December 9, 2011

Thanksgiving Happenings

After another 6 a.m. flight to Phoenix, I got to see the Breaking Dawn premiere with my favorite gals.
Consensus was 50:50. Those two on the left - expected nothing & so they were entertained. Those two on the right - what did you expect!?! Hadn't you two read the book and knew it was gonna be crazy sauce & biscuits?!?  Speaking of crazy...
it was a WILD night to say the least.
The next day we went to the Train Park in Scottsdale.
We rode the train, of course.
Some of us rode the carousel.
And some of us relaxed
while the four year olds and three year old got rid of some energy.
Later that night we had an adult-only night and we all went to Nello's Pizza.  It was really fun and so scrumdiddlyumptious!
The day after that we loaded up our cars and drove through Prescott, where we stopped to eat a chaotic lunch at In-N-Out, {seating for 17 people please!} and on to Groomcreek! 
Groomcreek is where the family {passed through three generations} cabin is located.  Since my Grandma passed away, my Aunt Diane, Mom, and Dad have been busily fixing it up so it can be used by generations to come.
The last time we were all there was at least, AT LEAST 15 years ago.
By far, the very best thing about the cabin is The Swing. Not the swing, The Swing.
Why The Swing you say??? You can do things on it, that will make you soil yourself.
Did you check out that height???
There were no witnesses when I had my turn on The Swing.  Just my brother Chris, who pushed me to record soaring heights by using his   l    o   n   g   ape-like arms and literally jumping to reach me and the swing and push me higher.  I think my mother would have soiled herself if she saw her baby reaching heights that no other man {or woman} has reached. 
They did hear my screams...there is a lot more fear when you are 25 years old.
Anyway, there were those that couldn't handle The Swing. Like Josephine, {really Joey, but I have always called him Josephine} in orange went on your plain ol' run-of-the-mill swing set across the street.
Drakey, of course, just hung out with Mom & Dad.
We also played a little tether ball,
went on a short hike,
hung out together,
dressed up like Lamar {my Grandpa} by wearing Grandpa's hat and jacket, which are still at Groomcreek, and sticking out his belly,
and eventually we all froze our butts off.  Which for me, meant the fun that was had, was over.
Before Jordan was able to join me, I asked my dad one day if we could go out to the desert and look at his grandpa's lime kilns. Basically, out near Usery Park, out in the middle of the desert, is where my Great-Grandpa used to spend his days. He would gather limestone, load it into his wagon, & Bertha and Dudley {his mules} would haul it to the kiln so it could bake for hours and hours until it was lime dust {used to help make concrete, among other things, I am sure}.
It was a beautiful day
and a nice little walk to find the kiln.
On the front of the kiln, my Great Grandpa carved the names of his mules and you can still see them.
Jordan was finally able to join me in  Arizona a few days before  Thanksgiving.  We had a good time hanging out with family and I enjoyed making pies again this year with my Mom.
On  Thanksgiving Day we had quite the feast with my side of the fam.
Everything was sooo good & I wish I could re-live that meal over & over {definitely more than just once a year}!!
We had one small disturbance in our day.
****The following picture is NOT for the faint at heart.
If you get queasy, just scroll on through & go along your day without barfing!****
At least we learned to trim our toenails more frequently.
Inside story: The kids all gathered around Jordan to get a peek at this monstrosity and while Joey {3 years of age} stood there at eye level, he suddenly sneezed...all over Uncle Jordan's foot!  Jordan was NOT happy about it.
While we were in Arizona our dear Cadbury was lovingly watched by the  Shillibeans.
Thank you, Tim & Holly for taking such good care of the little rascal! You guys are the BEST!
We were happy to re-unite with him and get home after another fabulous trip.


Mom said...

Great post, great memories! Grandma was surely smiling down on us to see so many of her grands and her greats enjoying the swing and pleasures of Groom Creek. Since she has died I have worried about where she is but when I am at Groom Creek I feel her presence and that makes me happy!

Sharon said...

Happy Birthday yesterday!! Can't wait to see you two for Christmas.