April 12, 2012

Painting Bug

I must have recently realized that if I wanted any projects around the house to get finished, I had better get a move on things. So for the past few days I have been painting everything I can get my hands on.
I have been in need of a make-up station and was pleased to find this for only $50.
Of course, it did not look like this when I got it. Oh, no. It needed a lot of love. I had the mirror and painted it to match the desk.
My next project was the crib. We inherited it from Jordan's sister and originally it was faux yellow oak. Not very pleasant {no offense Jenni}. Seven cans of spray paint later...
and it looks as precious as can be! I am very pleased with the results.
My parents gave us a dresser when we drove to Arizona  for Christmas and it was cute, but I knew I could definitely make it extra cute
A fresh coat of paint and then I detailed the engravings with a very pale green.
{A closer view to see the green better.}
This dresser is in the baby's room. The framed pictures on the dresser were my other project which goes with the theme to the room...characters from children's books. I haven't figured out where to hang them up yet.
A couple weeks ago I painted this little cabinet. It used to be red and did not match the room, but I needed it in that room to hold and disguise dog food.
The day after the cabinet I painted my night stand...
And that brings us up to today, when I painted my Grandma's sewing desk.
There is really truly only one very LARGE project I would be ecstatic to get done, the entertainment center armoire. It will not happen though. Unless this painting bug I seem to have caught hangs around for a week or two more.
It feels good to be getting so much done, and I am sure after a few more days I might even be able to feel all of my fingers again {spray painting is not for the faint of ...or those with weak fingers}.


Mom said...

More awsomeness! Everything looks great. I am so proud of you and your talent to make things beautiful. Now that I have figured how to get to your current posts, I make comments again! Love you!

Peterson Fam said...

So many cute things! The crib looks awesome! Can't wait to see it in person...someday!!!