May 2, 2012


Cadbury and I get along much better than we used to. Thanks being to the
wide            open            spaces
the backyard provides. Sometimes he likes to "remind" me that he is still capable of driving me loony.
When I came home this afternoon, I could see down the hallway, where I knew I would find Cadbury, and this is what I saw...
It isn't his first crime against a Kleenex box either.
BUT, what I did not expect awaited me on the bed...
Oh yeah, this is really happening. "Welcome home Mother!...uh, I was just trying on some of your pretty make-up."
I wish the pictures did his pink snout and paws justice, but they do not.
Upon cleaning up the mess, I lifted the pillow to find little pink paw prints leading to where he laid in wait for me to get home.
Lucky for him, I am in good spirits today and will keep him despite his best efforts to be homeless.
Lucky for me, 85% of the time he is a good dog.

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