October 1, 2012

Two Months

We have been busy enjoying the cooler weather. We have been getting out more & more as we figure out how the little babe operates.
His "little buddies," as we call them, come with us wherever we go.  On Saturday night, Jordan, Oliver & I went out for sushi. Oliver got to dress up for the occasion...his first pair of jeans & the first time I made him wear shoes.
At the end of each day, Oliver enjoys his baths.
 He just hates getting OUT of the bath/sink.
He also hates that mom put him in this embarrassing robe...
He much prefers his towel.
We are loving this cute guy to pieces!
I am enjoying his new sleeping habits. He sleeps 6 hours, gets fed, then sleeps 4 more hours.
Go Ollie!
We are all loving the new swing Daddy bought us!
As my mom said, "It's the Cadillac of swings."
It does everything, but change his diapers. ;)
Oliver just stares & stares at the mirror hanging above him. 
At his 2 month check-up, Ollie weighed in at 11 pounds 14 ounces & grew an inch, 21.5 inches {a little short, which is kind of a surprise}.
My newborn baby is growing up!

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Sharon Mae said...

He's getting cuter and cuter! Love the jeans. What's he going to be for Halloween?