November 30, 2012

First Thanksgiving

Oliver made his second appearance in Arizona to be with all our family for Thanksgiving.
The flights went smoothly - - WHEW!
We had Thanksgiving with the Rogers clan first.
The chefs...
I think Oliver wanted to taste something other than his usual meal. Next year big guy!
Everything was very tasty...I wish Thanksgiving came around more than once a year!
As if we hadn't eaten enough for a month already, we then headed over to the Shill clan for more tasty treats.
Chris & Heather
just moved into a new house & volunteered to host.
The kids used all the moving boxes to build forts in the backyard.

The food was delish, but the pies were the main attraction!
Tim, Mom, & I spent 2 whole days working on all those pies! {Heather donated her time with the 2 Lemon Meringues.}
It was totally worth it!
The day after Thanksgiving was my father-in-laws birthday!
{It is also my brother, Tim's, birthday, but he spent it with his fam.}
We all celebrated by going to dinner!
{Which, by the way, was really fun & we need to do that more often.}
It was also Black Friday, so my mom & I were thrilled when Jordan volunteered to babysit so we could do some shopping.
Jordan's idea of babysitting...
{Going over to Grandma's so she can babysit - Thanks!}
Where was ol' Cadbury during our trip???
Getting spoiled by Jordan's co-worker & her 11-year-old daughter...and hopefully NOT eating their turkey dinner.
We are excited to see everyone again in less than a month!

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