November 1, 2012


I cannot believe it is November. The BEST time of year is here! We have been a busy little family. Jordan has been working hard to provide for all of us, as well as leading our church's choir. He has been enjoying it & is excited for the Christmas program he has planned. On Saturday's, I get busy in the kitchen making cookies to bribe people to come lend their voices & I think this last Sunday Jordan finally started getting some good attendance. I have been busy transitioning the adorable little guy to start sleeping in his crib. The last few days, I finally feel mostly
successful at the task. I do miss him sleeping through the night though. He goes to sleep just fine in his crib without being held or rocked, he just wakes up every 3 hours to eat. Basically, he has resorted back to being a newborn. I am confident he will improve & getting up every 3 hours is short-term. He has even started taking naps in his crib during the day which gives me a little more freedom during the daylight hours.
Grandpa {Kimball} Rogers came to see us! The second he walked through the door & picked up Oliver {Kimball} Rogers, Oliver started laughing.
{Yes, he is half crying in this video, but it was the best we've got so far. I will have to get a better video to share another time.}
 It was the MOST adorable thing I have ever seen.
Since then, he has started laughing more & more and it just fills my  with so much joy. The previous MOST adorable thing I have ever seen, were Oliver's frowny faces.
I have yet to get one of the really good ones on camera.
Grandpa took Oliver on walks that required bundling up...
Oliver doesn't look like he minded the extra layers at all.
{Thanks Brookie for the warm & adorably cute beanie!}
It was fun to have a visitor...come back again!
Oliver has started having more posture when on his tummy. {You know besides looking like he is suffocating, face first in blankets.} A few days ago, I set him down & he popped right up.
He likes it, but not for very long before he is over it.
Cadbury & him get more acquainted each day. I don't think Cadbury understands Oliver can't quite play fetch with him just yet.
"I insist...really."
I dressed up the boys for Halloween last night...
It was hard to get Cadbury's attention...too many squirrels.
It was also hard to get him to STOP licking Ollie in the face.
I can't blame him. I smooch on that face all day long!
My boys are definitely handsome!
And a few more because I can't get enough...
{Hello tiny Cadbury in the corner!}
After dinner & pictures we went on a walk around the neighborhood.
We saw about 3 groups of trick-or-treaters & had all of 1 trick-or-treater ring our doorbell.
The Halloween festivities wiped out the little guy.
That, or that puppy dog costume was so comfy & too irresistible not to sleep in.
We missed our crazy families in Arizona...
The Avengers
The Patriots
And I missed making these
with my mom. Mmm...I can almost taste them.
I talked to my mom today & she told me they had record breaking numbers of trick-or-treaters. She thinks nearly 1,000 trick-or-treaters this year! The Grand kids had to start donating what they had to keep the crowds happy.
We are definitely looking forward to the upcoming Holidays & all the fun they will bring!


Briana Shepley said...

That laugh!!! The costumes!! Too cute :)

Elisabeth said...
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Elisabeth said...

Ok, I think I've attempted to leave 3 comments on here. Hopefully this one works.
Oliver looks super cute in his costume and in every other picture. Can't wait to meet him some day! Miss you guys!

Sharon said...

What a cutie!! Can't wait for your visit in 3 weeks. Kim said he's adorable and I knew that already :)