July 3, 2013

Eleven Months

We are just ONE month away from having a ONE year old! I can't even believe it!
A few days after getting home from New York, Ollie got some kind of stomach bug. :(

He got lots & lots of baths - which he loves.
Anyway, that kept us cooped up at home for about a week.  We were excited to get out finally and as soon as I thought I could trust his explosive buns on an airplane we set off for Arizona . {My judgment was off because we had 2 glorious trips to the airplane changing table.} In the past, Ollie has been super friendly with any strangers, but this trip he was a little more wary of the faces he didn't know. He REALLY didn't trust Grandpa Rogers & we happened to capture the greatest pout of all time on camera during that re-introduction!
He warmed up eventually and now thinks his Grandparents are the BEST EVER!
 Grandpa Shill needs only to walk in the room and Ollie breaks out in a HUGE grin.
At eleven months old, Oliver is learning so much each & every day.
His favorite book is Mr. Brown Can Moo. He picks it up, drags it to me, sits on my lap, and I take it from there.
If he is in the right mood, he shares kissies with everyone. {The best are the open mouth slobbery ones.}
He will wave to you if you wave to him. He is beginning to eat more & more 'normal' food & currently eats handfuls upon handfuls of Cheerio's. Yesterday he had his first experience with drinking out of a straw & he thought that was about the coolest thing in the whole world. He is getting closer to walking, but still a pretty cautious guy and doesn't seem to be in a hurry with it. He can walk with the assistance of this nifty toy borrowed by Aunt Beth...
He also loves being chased while he tries to crawl quickly away {And I enjoy it obviously for the giggles, but it wears the little monster out.}
We are definitely enjoying ourselves in Arizona  & aren't in any rush to get back home.
Jordan visits on the weekends that he can & when he can't Face Time is an amazing thing. Ollie likes to chat with Dad & Cadbury each night. 
We have been able to see old friends. Marianne & Peter have made 2 play dates with us! The boys play nice together while the moms have a good time catching up.
Peter is going to have a little sister in Novemeber & Marianne bought this cute lamb beanie for her, but I think it might be too big since it fits this guys big noggin.
Ollie loves swimming! I need to get some pictures, but he lets me hold him like a baby, he relaxes and nearly falls asleep! {I get my snuggles in, since on dry land he has no interest in snuggling with mom.}  He has also enjoyed watching all his crazy cousins when they come over to play. We are both loving the family interaction and we are soaking it all up. Ollie is sleeping so SO good here {naps & all}. I may never take him home!
We all LOVE this ELEVEN month old
& think he is the most handsome guy around!


Briana Shepley said...

Ahhh, I loved this! I can't believe he is almost a year old!!! I've been thinking about that lots lately! Rio has been doing that crawling chase thing too but not NEAR as fast as Ollie!

So happy you are getting such good family time. We miss you here!! So many garden goodies to give... ;)

Natalie Mason said...

Megan! What a cutie! I love that picture of his pout. Looks like you guys are having a blast! Can't believe he's almost 1!

Sharon said...

Great to have you here!