July 24, 2013

Washing Machine or Thunderstorm

We are all three finally back in Tulsa! I have a lot to catch up on while we were in Arizona  but I thought I would share the night we had last night first. There was a completely terrifying storm that rolled through here just before midnight. It felt & sounded like our house was inside a washing machine and Mother Nature was kicking our butts. I made Jordan walk with me through the house to our dining room where we could see {with the light from all the flashing lightning} what it was that made a loud crashing noise just above our heads. When I caught sight of what it was that made the noise I gasped out loud.
 {Disclaimer: The picture makes it appear smaller than it actually is.} I had noticed this limb hanging from the top branches of a tree earlier yesterday. Well, it made it's way down and in to our power lines {which caused our power to go in and out every so often. Adding to my horror}. Not only is it hanging in the power lines, but the bare end of the limb is hanging at exactly eye level to our bedroom window. If the winds had reversed it would have come catapulting into our bedroom. Awesome. Here is the view from our bedroom of what I saw if I looked out the window {only imagine darkness and lightning and 75 mph winds.}
Yep - 75 mph WINDS. I haven't been out and about town yet, but Jordan says the whole place looks trashed.  I did, however, explore our backyard...
and our side yard...
 Our neighbors tree is falling over between our houses. I always hate to see a perfectly good tree meet its end.
{The other side of the walkway.}
I do like the shaded walkway now & the view out my kitchen window now has some greenery in it.  :) Maybe I can talk them into keeping it.
AND how did our 1-year old handle the rinse cycle, you ask?!?
He slept through the ENTIRE night. In fact, he is still asleep. He has not made the switch to Tulsa time & has been sleeping until noon each day. Sigh.
Thanks for the Welcome Home, Mother Nature. I really did not miss you.

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Sharon said...

Holy wind tossed cow! Glad you're all safe!