January 17, 2014

Eighteen Months

Have I said it lately? Oliver is getting so BIG!
I can't believe it has been eighteen months since Ollie joined our family. 
Here is what he has been up to lately. He gives more and more snuggles.
He LOVES being outside, with a stick in each hand, and a pot full of soil to stir.

and playing with/teasing Cadbury.

Coming inside, is torture...I swear the neighborhood thinks I am murdering him every time it's time to come inside.
He also loves to play with other kiddos, so when my neighbor invited us over the other morning, both of us were thrilled! {Thanks, Briana!}
Ollie & Rio are three months apart.

We are all excited for Ollie's first trip to Nursery on Sunday! I think he is going to love playing with the other kids.
Oliver's favorite toy {besides shoes} is Dusty...

{Mom loves this new best friend too!}
He has finally accurately showed me where his mouth, nose, eyes, and ears are located!
He has five teeth in the front and 1 molar...all other teeth are either poking through or red and bulging...poor guy.
He says, "Mama" and "Baba." Once we heard "Dada," but the little booger won't say it again. He understands everything I say, he just prefers his gibberish. He really loves it when I join in and talk gibberish back.
And in case you were wondering, he still does not like the car wash...
Car Wash - 2 : Oliver - 0
I finally, covered his face with a blanket. He clutched it for 5 minutes without moving it from off his face. I pulled it down once we were safely far from the car wash and he gave me a big grin.
Oliver, we LOVE you! My favorite thing is to get kissies from you. Even when you slime me, it's the BEST!

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Sharon Mae said...

LOVE the hat and the airplane riding toy! How fun. Can't wait to get slimed again!