January 31, 2014

Three Visitors

My parents came to visit!
They were two VERY welcome guests...there was however, a third UNwelcome guest.
An extremely nasty cold was not invited to the party!
We all got some good snuggles from the sick little guy, but that was the only advantage. Ollie and I were feeling crummy for pretty much their entire visit. BOO!
Then mom got it the last couple days they were here. Double BOO!
We hunkered down and chilled at home the whole time. Definitely NOT what I had planned for their visit.
There were A LOT of baths happening...

but, we are finally feeling better!
...But our guests left yesterday. I am still feeling sorry for myself, can you tell?!
I am sure glad this dude is feeling better though.

Sorry, Mom & Dad! We LOVE you like crazy and are so grateful you came to see us!

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