May 29, 2014

Change of Scenery

We've gone and done it now. We've up and moved. We left our adored house in midtown Tulsa and took a GIANT leap {of faith} back to our hometown. More deets on that in a later post. In the meantime, enjoy the last photo shoot from Tulsa, Oklahoma

 The last two are my favorites.

I will miss charming little things about Tulsa {like my 1950's home, squirrels, neighbors, and the best Coke money can buy right around the corner at Whataburger}
if you take just a small gander at Jordan, Ollie, and I you will see a happiness that hasn't existed for quite some time. 
Good GREAT things to come.


Eli Mac said...
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Mike and Katie said...

Sorry about deleting the comment above, I was signed in with Mike's account. We know all about moves that are leaps of faith. Just know that if made with the right intentions you will find nothing but blessings. Can't wait to hear all about it. Maybe this means I'll get to see you when I come visit :-)

Sharon said...

Yahoo!! We love having you just down the street!!!!!! Welcome back and I know great things are on their way.