May 9, 2014

Picture Overload

I have been off the grid for far longer than I like and that means one BIG post with LOTS of pictures {of Oliver and 1 GIANT spider}. At the beginning of April, all three of us took off for Arizona. We were able to be there for my sisters birthdays and then Jordan flew back home to work while Ollie and I stayed and played. Jordan came back for Easter weekend and then a week later Ollie and I came back home as well. We did lots of fun things like a zoo trip, a trip to the train park, Easter egg hunts, and lots of family get-togethers. The majority of the trip involved Ollie and I passing a nasty cold back and forth between one another. That got super frustrating and extended our trip longer than originally planned, but we had fun being with family and are glad to be back home again. Now, as promised, let the picture overload commence...
Ollie LOVES being kid #5 in Beth's family. He fits right in.
Out watching the planes go by...

While out for a walk, we spotted this pair of ducks just begging for some bread crumbs and crackers.

In Arizona, all you need is a hose, cousins, and a swim diaper.

 {Ahhhh, that's cold!}

One of Ollie's favorite pastimes...jumping on the bed.
 Grandpa took us for doughnuts. Ollie quickly wanted one in each hand.
 Grandma never got the bib off before Ollie ran to play outside. He looked ridiculous{ly cute}.

 Cousin Drake taught Ollie how to hang like a monkey.
 I love that tongue and that poor snotty nose.
 Playing around with his hair, he thought he looked pretty cool.

 Passed out with some limbs hanging overboard...

All aboard the choo-choo train!
{Apparently offended I tried to capture the moment with a picture.}
Ollie's first taste of chips and salsa at El Charro. He is a fan!
My little sicky...

 I sent this picture to Jordan with the caption, "Big Boy!" Jordan's response, "Big Frog!"
He does look like a frog, doesn't he?!
 "Ha-aaa-at!" {That's Ollie for hat.}
Easter Best!
 Ollie figured out quickly there was candy inside.
 And he learned even quicker where candy goes.

Andy {RIP} wore a trail in the backyard that is now filling in. :(
 Ollie pictured with some pink glittery shoes, a hat, some pj pants {his shorts got wet from too full a diaper} and a Barbie couch he is trying to fit his big booty on. Classy, Ollie.
 This wolf spider tried to greet us at the door at Beth's house...his mistake.
Loves for Grandpa when it was time to go home. :)

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