June 27, 2014


I grew up playing in irrigation
We had a ginormous backyard and I remember running through it with my four-legged friends all day long. 
{Chewie, Chelsea, Star, Kady, & Cinder}
I would then jump in the pool to get all the dead grass clippings off and before I was allowed back inside the house. Now that I think of it, it might be a little gross, playing in irrigation water. It for sure has a fishy smell to it. What definitely makes it gross is that there was a HUGE pile of manure {horse/cow turds} in the corner of the backyard {Dad used this to refill flower beds and kept a very large mound of it at all times for this purpose} so when we got irrigation there was also a layer of manure that sat on top of the water. I also remember HATING baths/showers. I had this irrational fear of someone opening a secret door in the shower and kidnapping me while I was in my birthday suit. Thus, when I DID shower, I made one of my parents stand guard. Which leads me, finally, to my conclusion...I must have been a very stinky little girl.
Irrigation + Manure + No Baths = Stench
My parents no longer live in that Dream House, but they still get irrigation at this house, so when dad started irrigating the other day, I took the boys out to play.

 They started out in clothes, 

but that didn't last too long.

The irrigation also provided Cadbury with his first taste of playing in water. I wasn't sure what he would do. I think this photo answers that...
We had a lot of fun that day. 
After we all got cleaned up 
we enjoyed some snuggle time with grandpa.
We got to hangout/play/babysit Drake for a couple afternoons and were so glad he got to share in on all the fun. The next day we kept things a little more low-key, but I think the boys had just as much fun together with this next activity...
Come play with us anytime, Drakey!

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Sharon said...

Nothing like kids and water no matter what kind of water it is! I remember our boys loving irrigation, too. Fun memories!