June 20, 2014

The Warm Summer Sun

You know when you grow up and you have to do grown-up things like work during the summer and you long for the 3-month long summer days filled with sunshine and fun?? I feel like this summer, is like those childhood days of yore. 
I have a little friend to spend my time with and it feels so SO good to be out in the sunshine once more.

Once again, "Haatt!"

 I haven't had this much sunshine since I got married! I am loving it and I feel like Olaf from Frozen...
"Oh, I don't know why but I've always loved the idea of summer, and sun, and all things hot."
It's all too unfortunate getting Ollie OUT of the pool isn't as easy as getting him in the pool. THAT scene, of course, was not pictured.
And, of course, it does get to be like a bajillion degrees in this here state so we can't spend every waking moment outside. When we are found indoors we do things like:
♦ Snuggle up and watch Mickey Mouse.
 ♦ Practice the recorder.
♦ Play with cousins. 

♦ Learn new sounds like, "What does a tiger say?"
 ♦ Put lots of shoes and hats on and off. This picture was taken moments after FINALLY finding his favorite hat after it had been missing a week. The munchkin had put it right there under that 'sink.' I never thought to look there cause I have never seen him open these toy cupboards. 
We are so grateful for these warm summer days we get to spend surrounded by some of our favorite people.

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