December 30, 2014


Instead of saying "Whoopsies!" Ollie says "Whoopies!" It's pretty darn cute. So that's the word that came to mind when I walked out of the house my nieces bridal shower was at and saw my car looking like this.
Thankfully, the poor girl stuck around {she was headed to the shower herself when she swerved to miss a bunny & hit my parked car} and a week later it looks just like new. Phew!
Anyway, if you believe it this post doesn't have a single picture of Oliver, my main attraction. {Okay, it might have one.} This is some of what I've been up to lately.
Pretty roses have been popping up in my parents front yard. They have the prettiest roses in the neighborhood.
I made this for Jordan one Friday when his work was having a potluck. Yum!
I fixed this 'just like new' ping pong table that somehow accidentally took a rather large tumble out of Jordan's pick-up truck just after purchase for my brother Chris' 40th birthday.
Considering what it has been through it's in pretty good shape and we will leave it at that. Sorry C & H!!
I went on a date with my mom to see Tim & Holly's kids in 'The Aristocats' & we got lunch at CPK before we made the trek out to Queen Creek. I love breaks away with my mom!
I opened up Ollie's window one morning and found this guy hanging out between the window & screen. I bargained with my dad that he could have my breakfast burrito Jordan had just brought home for me for getting rid of it quickly. Fair trade I would say.
Dad & Ben taking a break on the roof while putting up Christmas lights/ the rooftop nativity.

Jordan lending a hand.

& foot.. :)

Another beautiful rose that caught my eye.
I was helping Beth take dog pictures down in Lucy's room one evening and found this picture from our wedding day. This is you think she looks like someone I know?!

It's as if they are related or something.
This is what Lucy's room looked like covered in dog pictures. Obsessed, you think?!
I told Beth, she needed to cut Lucy's scotch tape supply off. Those pictures did not want to come off the wall. Anyway, those are the pictured things I have been doing. Not pictured...quilt making, nativity bunting making, holiday shopping and cooking/baking. Oh, and on Thanksgiving day I made 8 gallons of salsa for Beth's neighbor to sell at a boutique. I made some extra holiday cash & felt a little crazy for doing it on Thanksgiving, but I had a handy helper {ahem, Jordan} who helped me finish it all in just two hours. Woo! I am sure, I did a few other things in there, but who can remember.The holidays are already all a blur.

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