December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas 2014

We have had a wonderful Christmas filled with the people {most of them anyway} we love.
Oliver was thrilled with all of his new toys and I think he will be entertained at least until his birthday in July.
All the little grandkids on the Shill side of the family got together one evening to take pictures for grandma's grandkids wall. Aren't they a sweet looking bunch? ;)
Don't be fooled. Just kidding.
On Sunday, we had the Rogers' family nativity along with my birthday celebration.
The kids were as sweet as can be for the nativity.
Look at all those pleasant faces, seriously.

 Ollie knelt down by Baby Jesus {Hayes} by himself, no prompting of any kind. He was an angel, well, he was a shepherd, but you catch my drift.
Santa made an appearance!
Ollie showed his excitement by picking his nose in the picture. This is a rather common occurrence in pictures lately. Hmmm.
So there is a quick update on our Christmas Day using only the pictures I had handy right at my fingertips. I am hoping to catch up one of these days on all the other things we've been up to. Until then...may your days be merry & bright!
Merry Christmas!

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Sharon Mae said...

LOVE those dimples!! You'll have to get the harmonica photo to add. His grin is priceless!