February 1, 2015

Quilty McQuilterson

We have been busy over here making quilts. It all started with me finding a couple fabrics I loved and blew up from there. I decided I wanted to make Ollie's big boy bed a quilt {he is still in his crib but has a big boy bed in his bedroom waiting to be occupied}. I wanted different textures and am happy with how it turned out. It was definitely a learning process and my first time I actually quilted {stitched in the ditch} instead of tying the quilt. Ollie likes to put his face against the orange minky squares.
The squares with the three pieces will fray the more & more it gets washed.
I made baby Jane a minky quilt and decided to turn the squares on the diagonal vs. what we usually do. It turned out super adorable and I love the fabric that I found that looks just like a quilt I had when I was a young wart hog.
Upon seeing Jane's quilt, her big brother Drake loved the softness so I made him his own. Complete with minky softness and robots. He called his blanket "space ship robot."
This next project was a doozy. So worth it in the end though. My mom and I worked on this together. I bought her the pattern and several of the square packs for Mother's Day and we finally got around to making it. The ends of each square will fray when it gets washed. Super adorbs!
We are busy working on more. Mom definitely has the 'buying of cute fabrics and patterns' down and needs to work on actually making the quilts. :)  {Not too rough of a predicament to be in, am I wrong.}

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