March 13, 2015

Flying Kites & Springtime

I have been wanting to fly a kite with Ollie. I knew he would love it. So when my sis-in-law called and said she was bringing her five spring-breakers over to fly kites, I was pretty excited. I was going to skip Ollie's nap since all the action was going to happen then, but for the first-time-ever-in-history, Ollie ASKED to take a nap that day. So bummed. I put him down for a nap and went to watch myself. I woke him up early and caught the tail end of the adventures. He was less excited about the kites and more excited about playing with his cousins at the park. Go figure.
Baby Jane is getting big & even more precious everyday!


The trick is removing the children from the I right?!
That evening Jordan left for a camping trip with his brothers and buddies. When he got home later the next day he was excited to put Ollie to sleep so him and I could drive his truck and put on the 200,000 mile. Very exciting!

We enjoyed the last of the absolutely gorgeous weather. Jordan put up a tent in the backyard and him & Ollie spent every waking moment out there until it got too warm. The following picture shows when it finally got too warm for Ollie...
the tent came down as to avoid creating a sweat lodge in the backyard.
Spring has been gorgeous this year. Allergies have been aplenty as well and have hit everyone in the house at one point or another. The beautiful roses at my parents house are showstoppers.


It has steadily gotten warmer and warmer, but the evenings are still perfect.

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