October 14, 2015

Day Trip

We decided to tag along with my parents on a quick trip to Prescott to close up the cabin for the winter. The weather was perfect and the swinging divine.
We went on a short hike with Oliver and played in this beautiful green field.

Then we packed up and drove home. It was great to breathe in that fresh, pine-scented mountain air for a few hours.
The first weekend in October was General Conference. While the boys went to Priesthood Session, Mom, Ollie and I got out for dinner and a little shopping {mostly for fabric}. On our 20 minute drive, I looked in my rearview mirror and someone was fast asleep.

Mom and I sat and visited in the car for 15 extra minutes to allow the little guy to catch up on his Zzzz's.
On one of our many trips to Sam's Club, Ollie insisted he bring/wear his Mr. Potato Head hat and glasses. He even wore the glasses throughout the store and kept saying, "I can see!"

Speaking of weirdos...
 Laynee made an awesome portrait of a very dignified Gru...
Silly girl.
We had irrigation issues and Oliver was happy to assist/squish around in the mud.
 {When did this kid get THIS big?!?}

Cadbury sulked/watched from his perch...

There is plenty more sulking to be done by you, Cadbury - - we {Jordan, Ollie, and I} are off to the beach for the weekend!!!
{Jane meeting the beach for the first time this week}...
Those chubby limbs are the bomb.com.

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