October 1, 2015


I have recently made a change by "unplugging" from social media. I decided it wasted my time and usually left me feeling more negative than positive. Honestly, I don't miss it and feel a lot more focused in general, but more specifically, focused on real-life people who matter most to me.
Now to completely contradict what I just said...here are real-life people made into not real-life people...
Princess Mom
{Oliver affectionately refers to me as this}
 Oliver Linus
{Ollie is always referring to himself in the third person, but calling himself Linus, if that made any sense}
 Stinky Dad
{Oliver's words, not mine - - Ollie calls him this out of love and always with a devious little smirk on his face}
We are super duper excited about the Peanut's Movie coming out next month!
After last weeks battle with rats (6 in total, ewww), this weeks was has been against scorpions. I think I would welcome back the rats. I hate scorpions. They are of the devil and can burn in you-know-where for all I care. Supposedly the extra busy monsoon season has brought more and more of them out of their outdoor dwellings and into people's houses. This has been true here and we have been finding them on a daily basis. {In the past, my parents have usually found 2-3 total each year}. Cadbury came in the other afternoon and went sniffing for anything that had fallen on the kitchen floor. He found a scorpion {as Mom, Beth, and myself were discussing these demonic creatures in the kitchen} and I immediately knew what had happened to him when he started freaking out because his nose had been stung. I ran for the pliers and picked up the evil thing before it could crawl under the cabinets and hide. It died shortly after by way of blow torch and I was happy to be rid of one more of Satan's spawn. Other than licking his nose more frequently and being sleepy because I gave him Benadryl, Cadbury is fine and maybe he will think twice before sticking his nose in all sorts of crevices.
Probably not.
 Oliver went to Beth's one afternoon and came home with a bag of pure awesomeness. Nora is the best little babysitter and does such cute things with the boys.
 I love finding absolutely ridiculous jammies. These were a great find...
Another awesome purchase...
Side Note: My favorite store has always been Gap {in fact, everything Ollie has on in most of these pics were purchased there}. Recently, most of them have closed their doors - I don't know what this world is coming to, but I'm a little bit devastated.
In closing...here are a couple pictures that were snapped milli-seconds before I got hit or something thrown at me for taking a "certain someone's" picture...
 In this case, the applesauce got sprayed all over me...

"I 'dough-nut' like it when you take my picture, Mom!!!"

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Sharon Mae said...

Not a bad idea. I was just searching for photos of your California weekend on Instagram! I'll check your blog later :) I love the princess mom name. Very sweet!