December 8, 2009

We "Likey" Movies

Jordan & I both LOVE movies.
We see a lot of movies (good & bad, some really, really bad - ahem...'Where the Wild Things Are'). Jordan has A LOT more of an opinion on movies than I do. Although it is an educated opinion because he is a very devoted follower of (checking daily for the newest reviews). He can give a very detailed review of every movie he sees,
I either "likey" it or I don't "likey" it.
I "likey" this girl and the way she always says "likey."

Okay, back to the topic of discussion...movies. Here are some movies we like & if you have not enjoyed viewing them, you should definitely do so.
My Favorite: Cupid helps boy & girl fall in love.

Jordan's Favorite:

Boy meets time machine. One of Our Favorite movies of 2009:
Boy meets girl. Boy falls in love. Girl doesn't. (and yes, it's still really good!)
Go rent yourself a good Jordan for reviews.

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