December 22, 2009

Silent Night?

Merry Christmas from all the Shilldren!!!The cattle were crawling, an angel was crying, the horse was wandering, a shepherd was very unhappy, another shepherd's cane was being used as a sword, the wisemen were...wait a minute, the wisemen were behaving?, & the baby Jesus (who actually did very well) was a little too BIG for his manger & made several escape attempts that most likely ended in a headache.
Very entertaining...
I got my picture taken with the Narrator & the "Star" of the show.
We have been enjoying the Christmas season so far. We teach the CTR 5 class in our ward & Jordan taught the Christmas lesson this past Sunday to 4 cute little boys. I love being reminded of what this season is all about. I cannot imagine celebrating Christmas without celebrating our Savior. I am so blessed with a wonderful family with righteous traditions, a husband who loves me & his Savior, & the knowledge, I have, of the Restored Gospel.
"For unto you is born this day
in the City of David
a Saviour who is
Christ the Lord."

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