December 18, 2009

Viva Las Vegas

Back in October, we celebrated our 2nd Annual Square Reunion with Jordan's friends & their wives in the ever fabulous
Las Vegas, Nevada.

It was my first time ever going to Vegas & also my first time crossing or seeing, for that matter, the Hoover Dam (which I did not get a picture of or even get to get out of the car & see due to time constraints.) So we'll just pretend I haven't seen it yet. Better luck next time I suppose. Anyway, Meet

THE SQUAREVery cute aren't they!? Well the square happens to be a very lucky group of boys who met & married some pretty awesome girls.Now they are the Square Squared?

I don't know I get confused.
Okay so now that everyone is married & away at school or work, they try to plan something annually where we can all get together. Last year was the first year & we all went to Coronado Island, CA. This year we ended up in Vegas because Aaron & Jenna are living in Las Vegas while Aaron is working for Deloitte.
The night we arrived, Aaron treated us to dinner at Bucca Di Beppo.Thanks again Aaron & Jenna for dinner & everything else! You fed us & gave us a very comfortable air mattress to sleep on that fit perfectly in your dining area. I don't think anyone ever had such a good time & spent so little money in Las Vegas.
Total $ spent at the casino = $1.00

My favorite site to see was the Bellagio. The Bellagio has everything necessary to entertain. Of course the most spectacular site to behold was the fountains & the Dancing Water. AMAZING!!! And totally FREE!!!

We are anxiously awaiting...

and finally...Breathtaking at both Day& Night.It's incredible how Vegas can change these fantastic & beautiful structures during the spectacular & indescribable masterpieces at night. This is the ceiling at the entrance into the Bellagio. There are 2,000 hand blown glass flowers! It is, I'm running out of words,very cool. Then there is the Bellagio Conservatory. They decorate the conservatory depending on the seasons. The next 3 pictures are all of the same room (the conservatory) & the pictures do not do it justice.

Everything I saw pertaining to the Bellagio baffled me. I was awed at the talent people have & by the many unique things people can create.
The last picture of the trees is particularly inspiring. The trees are actually fountains. The pitter patter sound they make & the appearance given off creates the idea that it's raining.
We only had 1 full day to see all the sites & honestly, that was enough time to see what I needed to see (& plenty of what I did not need to see).
We rode The Big Shot ride (located at the top of the Stratosphere) twice. Jordan & I also had the opportunity to go off on a wild goose chase to find the Venetian, which we did eventually find, so I could see the Gondola
(Thank you my love).
On that little adventure we happened to run into a Ghiardelli Chocolate Ice Cream Shoppe & enjoyed an ice cream sunday.
We never had one while in San Francisco because of the cold weather.
My first trip to Vegas was a success. We had a really good time & are excited to someday come back & maybe even enjoy staying at the Bellagio.
Pretty please Jordan?
Oh, & thank you Brittany for taking all the awesome pictures!

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