March 27, 2010

A Day In the Life of a 25 Year Old

My fabulous husband is now 25 years old. Quarter of a Century. I really wanted to throw him a party, but we had a really l...o...n...g week (full of work, papers, & mid-terms) & he didn't act interested in doing a whole bunch. I did manage to score tickets from work for the SUNS game on Jordan's Birthday Eve.The SUNS creamed the KNICKS so the game wasn't exactly an edge of your seat sort of thing, but being there is always entertaining. For example, the Dancing Dads & the Golden Grannies were present to entertain & entertain they DID!!!Another fun thing was daydreaming of winning $77,777...Casino Arizona picks a fan from the crowd to throw a basket from half court to win $77,777. The guy came close, but missed. It got us daydreaming though. I asked Jordan what he would buy.
He quickly replied, "A Delorean." Nerd.
I told him I wanted the 4Runner of our dreams & a Huge Diamond (kidding about the diamond, serious about the 4Runner).
I like daydreaming.
We started off March 27 at IHOP.
We then headed over to BLOCKBUSTER & rented Fantastic Mr. Fox & watched it (I fell asleep - only because I was tired, it was entertaining) & then headed to a park for some Roller Blading.
For dinner, Jordan wanted his favorite meal ever, so we headed to Serrano's so he could get his Machaca.
We polished off his birthday the following day with Sunday Dinner at the Rogers'. Jordan wanted German Chocolate Cake (good choice, my love).
He opened up more presents, we are spoiled.
And that was it for turning 25. Not too shabby.
I hope you had a wonderful weekend, my dear.
Como se dice..."Happy Birthday!?!"
Como se dice..."You're the Best!?!"
Como se dice..."I am very sorry to inform
you the weekend is over & we have to
go back to work in the morning!?!"
Como se dice..."Te amo!?!" Right?


Mike and Katie said...

Looks like it was a great birthday. Happy Birthday Jordan!! Heard you helped with my brother-in-law's brothers teeth last week. Small world :) Hope you are doing good!

Sharon Mae said...

Happy birthday to a wonderful son! We're so grateful for you and also your superb choice of a wife! Love you, too, Megan. Thanks for bringing that amazingly delicious cake!

Pam Hill said...

Very cute blog entry Megan. Jordan is a lucky man to have such a wife. Yes, you are lucky too to have such a man to spend eternity with. Happy birthday Jordan! Aunt Pam