May 14, 2010


Today was my last day at work.
I will miss my friends there.
I will not necessarily miss cleaning up others' drool.
Yesterday SSE sent me off in fashion. Lunch from Olive Garden, cupcakes, & way too many parting gifts. The party was Texas themed & included things in honor of my exciting, adventurous summer coming up. I received a Cowboy hat, yellow Bandanna, play guns & Sheriff badge, the most adorable stuffed Armadillo, Toy Story PEZ & stickers (Jordan's Woody & I am Jessie...on second thought...I just realized I should actually be Little Bo Peep...yeah, it's final, I will be Little Bo Peep). They gave me a book & a gift card to Barnes & Noble since I will be doing a lot of reading over the summer. One of my favorite gifts is actually very surprising - first you should know the history behind it.
I've worked at SSE for 5 1/2 years and I've always worked on Friday. If you know anything about dentists, you know they are, for the most part, closed on Friday, not at SSE. They don't even close early on of my longest days was on a off at like 8 o'clock...on a Friday!!! Anyway, I had to learn to love working Fridays. Another thing against Fridays was the Bee Gee's. Friday meant the Bee Gee's being blasted throughout the office & Dr. Hales singing at the top of his lungs to get him through the day. I did not like the Bee Gee's. I learned to like the Bee Gee's. Now I actually quite enjoy them. So it was appropriate Dr. Hales got me The Ultimate Bee Gee's Cd's. I plan on these being the soundtrack of our coming road trip. Jordan can learn to love the Bee Gee's.
So at the end of the day, I cleaned out my locker at work. I found lots of treasures hidden in there. In particular 2 cans of silly string...I came home & NICELY sprayed Jordan. He then took the can & on me, so I grabbed the second can & we made a huge mess in our little apartment. It was so much fun - I plan on buying silly string on a regular basis now...just think of all the bad days that could be made right with a simple can of silly string.The pictures don't do the mess was everywhere.Now that I am done with work the next step is moving all of our things into storage. I have most everything packed up & the plan is to move the majority of things on Monday. Then clean up the rest of the week & we head out on Friday. The time has finally come & we are so excited. We are going to miss our loved ones over the summer, but it is only 3 months & then we will be back. Hopefully anyway.
Hopefully because who wants to take bets on whether or not this little beauty is going to make the 1,000 mile journey there AND the 1,000 mile journey back??? Any takers???

Jordan has faith, I do not.
So that's one to one.
What's your vote?
Do not let its pretty, shiny, just driven off the car lot paint on the outside trick you into believing it has a good on the inside. This car is evil. The bane of my existence. The sum of all fears. The pebble in the bottom of my shoe.
I truly cling to hope that I am wrong.
If you do not hear from me on Monday, May 24th...I was right (& probably stranded on the side of some lonely highway in the heartland of Texas, so please send help...& lots of silly string).


Mike and Katie said...

Sounds like a lot of fun :) Isn't it hard to leave a job that you have been at for so long. I have been at Tantrum for just over 6 years (with a break in there when I had Alena). Hope you have a great time over the summer, what an exciting adventure! We also are embarking on something new. . . we are moving up to Salt Lake in June. I can't say that I am overly excited about this, but I do know that it is the right thing for us to do. We'll have to see if Utah grows on me at all (as of now I am not a huge fan. I HATE SNOW!!) Good luck with packing and the move. Better stay current on your blog so we know about all the goings on of Texas.

Megan and Jordan said...

Why the move to Salt Lake? Does Mike have a job opportunity? I 100% plan on staying current with the is one of the things I'm going to use to occupy my'll probably get sick of all my ramblings.

Mike and Katie said...

No job at this point. . . things haven't gone as planned for us in the last couple weeks and sadly we are in the position where we have to leave our house. It's all good, things are all going to work out for us, but it is still hard for us. Mike is working on getting our photography business up and going, and where better for that than the wedding capital of the world :) It is going to be quite the adventure and a test of faith, but we are ready for it.

Mom said...

Hilarious! Loved the horns on your diablo car!

Alexa Mae said...

hahaha megs you are hilarious! i LOVE this post! you will have a fun little summer adventure...cowboy hats and all!

Sharon said...

You're a great writer and had me chuckling! I'm glad you had such a great send off from work. You certainly deserve it!! We'll miss you, but are excited for your adventure and for when we get to visit! Love you two!!