May 27, 2010

Insanity Deserves Ice Cream

Our Internet connection is hit or miss. Today - ALL DAY - it was a miss.
This made me a little crazy. Thankfully, Jordan recognized I was about to lose my marbles & offered to take me out to ice cream (he knows the true desires of my ). We found a popular place in Austin called Amy's Ice Cream.
I was about to sit down inside this yummy ice cream parlor when I realized, "I am not in Mesa, it is beautiful outside, let's sit outside."
Well, we were glad we ventured outside. We walked past some beautiful fountains to this beautiful spot overlooking the sunset.
Look at all that green!!! It is beautiful here! You definitely cannot find a perfect spot like this in Mesa. There was even someone in the distance playing the trumpet, well, I might add. The park had a bunch of these marble sculptures and naturally someone needed to get a picture riding one of them (Jordan was not game).
I feel much better since I got outside of the apartment for a short while today. I really wanted to go swimming and soak up some rays, but I went swimming with my friend Jacquee & her cutie patutie, Claire, yesterday and am still nursing along a slight sunburn - you gotta start somewhere for a nice tan, right?!
Jordan is really enjoying his internship. He says whatever stress comes with working hard is soooo worth it because of all the really great & talented people he is surrounded by. He cannot believe how nice everyone is and he has been really impressed with his boss. The other 3 interns he works with are also really friendly. He likes them so much he is setting up for us to hang out with them this weekend. If all goes according to plan we will be headed to The Salt Lick (supposedly the BEST BBQ in Austin).
I have been enjoying my days (minus today) hanging out at home, making dinner, swimming, doing laundry, & catching up on some t.v. shows. Jordan was impressed when I came up with this delectable dessert...Blackberry Bread Pudding. It was really, really, really tasty.
I have also really enjoyed catching up with all the people who have called to make sure we made it here okay. I have not spent so much time on the phone since Jordan & I were engaged & Jordan was at BYU while I was in Mesa. I have felt very popular & very loved. Thank you for all your thoughts. We are having a wonderful time & taking great care of each other.
Love from Austin
P.S. After posting this, I noticed the date, May 27. It was 4 years ago today that Jordan & I went on our 1st date.



Jacquee said...

We still haven't been to Amy's ice cream, but we've heard great things about it. And you're right, it's BEAUTIFUL here. Sometime we'll have to take you guys out to Laguna Gloria. It's absolutely gorgeous!

Megan and Jordan said...

Sounds good to me. You gotta try 'Mexican Vanilla' at Amy's...yum.

Mom said...

That blackberry bread pudding looks really yummy, even better than Crackers!