May 28, 2010

Friday Night At the Bat Bridge

We did not make any plans for tonight. Yet, we ended up doing a lot.
We had some Brick Oven Pizza and realized we were just about a block from the State Capital Building. So we parked & walked around. The grounds were beautiful. Squirrels ran around eating nuts they found. It was seriously like the town put on a show for us to put their best faces on [like in Funny Farm, you know?]There in the front yard of the capital building was a couple getting married! So exciting! They must have been Scottish because the men & little boys wore kilts & a there was a bagpipe playing all sorts of music during the precession - - including 'Star Wars' & 'Here Comes the Bride.'Inside the building was HUGE!!! The ceiling went on & on. Can you spot the small spiral staircase in this picture (it kind of puts the picture into perspective & give you an idea of how tall it actually is).The pictures do not do a great job at showing how Tall the inside was, but believe you me, I got the heeby jeebies standing over the edge. Look at how small those people are down there.
By the way, since we did not know all the fun things we would be doing tonight, we did not bring along our camera, so pictures were taken with our phones. [ are not that great.]
Then we headed down to walk along the river & explore the area a little more. When driving across the bridge we noticed hundreds of people standing along one side of the bridge, hundreds more in the park right next to the river (see picture below), & tons of kayaks & tour boats in the river.

We found a place to park & joined the group of people on the bridge. We waited & waited. Not knowing what we were waiting for. We speculated what we were waiting for, wishing some conversations around us would give us a clue. Finally, I figured it out. My friend's husband mentioned there were bats that lived under the bridge & at night they all flew out in a huge swarm.
We stood there for over an hour...N.O.T.H.I.N.G...
I wish I could tell you after all that waiting, this is what we saw...
Ha! That is what we were expecting, but apparently, not what always happens. It got way dark & we could see bats flying around in circles here & there, but no large swarm. You had to squint to see anything at all. Very disappointing. We could not believe how many people showed up to watch what we had just witnessed. Lame-O!!
I guess we are glad to have gotten the bat bridge experience over with early on in our stay.

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