September 5, 2010

Hello Kitty

It is my favorite little gal's birthday!
She turned {3}
or in her words, "I'm tree!"
Miss Norie likes Hello Kitty
I designed these cute cupcake wrappers just for the pretty little princess.
They turned out really cute & tasted yummy.
The small cake on the top was originally covered in pretty dainty flowers, but there was a very unfortunate event involving the cake sliding off the cake plate & dumping itself upside down on the counter...very sad.  Live & learn my friends, live & learn.  Since there was not enough frosting to repeat the process it just got frosted smooth.  It kills me because it was looking so precious
We had a very exciting day.
Lunch with the girls at Sweet Cakes.  This is how we celebrate Nora's birthday...put her down for a nap & then go out for lunch.
Swim party once the Birthday Girl woke up!
Bethany's in-law's have a resort style pool that they always so graciously allow all of us to use.
Thanks Peterson's!
I think this is Blake.  The goggles make it hard to be 100% sure.
Lucy looks like she's enjoying herself.

After a nice long dip in the pool, it was cake time.  She blew out her candles 1. At. A. Time.
We had to work off all the sugar somehow so Beninem blasted his new song so we all could dance.
Santa's Sleigh Is Thumpin'
[coming soon to an itunes near you]
Some were a little too into it...
"Shimmy down the chimney!!!"
It was an awesome day!  Thanks for having cause to celebrate Nora!
P.S.  Looks like some funny business went on during the swimming portion of the day.  : )


Mom said...

YOU DIDN'T!!!!! What did I do to You?

Chris and Heather said...

Jocey was shimming down the chimney just yesterday. Tell Mom it is a catchy little move. P.S. Keep that "Funny Business" going and you may find yourself making more cupcakes...