September 3, 2010


They called me 'Woofie' growing up.
Endearing, isn't it.
I obtained the name due to my love of furry four legged creatures (& I suppose my furry little chicken legs).
I ran with the dogs, so to speak.
Like a child mimics those older than them, I mimicked the canine.
Down on all fours.  Barking.  Panting.  Licking.  And Yes, even lapping up my cereal from the floor.
My family has always had at least one precious pooch, if not more & there have been many throughout the years.
  They come & go, unfortunately.  Fortunately, All Dogs Go to Heaven.
I expect them to smother me with kisses when I leave this world.
I thought I would introduce you to some of them.
This first one is in fact a dog.  Really.  I promise.
Chelsea & I were brought into this world about the same time.  She lived to be 17 years old (in human years).  As the years went by she looked less & less like a dog and more & more like a javelina. 
Chelsea had attitude.
Chelsea was the mother of Chewie.  Chewie is lucky she was named Chewie.  We spent Family Home Evening one Monday night placing names into a hat.  There were a lot of poor options [Pepsi - from Dad, Homer - from one of my brothers, Sophia - from Mom].  I think another brother put Chubaka & that is what was chosen.  My mom shortened it to Chewie to make it less awful.  That was the last time we named a dog by drawing out of a hat.  After that, Mom just got to decide.  
Please, do not judge Chewie, she was not blessed with good genes.  She, unlike Chelsea, was very good natured & happened to be as sweet as can be.
Chewie begat Star {just kidding about the begat, it's funny though, right}. 
Star, Star, Star. 
 {Shake your head}
Dad called Star, "The Wimpiest Dog In the World" or for short, "Sissy."  I loved him with all my though.
  Star got his wimpy reputation by several encounters he had with a real dog.  Star thought he was big stuff.  Romping the neighborhood without a care in the world until he came face to face with a dog that could eat him for breakfast.  Good thing he was fast.
This is one of Star's brothers or sisters, I don't remember what it's name was.
I am not picky with my love for 'Man's Best Friend.'  For example, I don't even know who's dog this is, but I appear to be in love.
Meet Cinder.  Short for Cinderella.  She was "special" is a nice way to put it.  I think there were a few screws loose on this gentle giant.  She liked loved the trick "shake."  Which was cute.  At first.  She never stopped
Kady {short for Kadydid, like the grasshopper} shared my birth date.  She was a snobby little dog with bug eyes.  Chloe was just about as hyper as a dog can get.
Chloe as a puppy.  Do you know how much I love puppy breath DON'T judge!  If you have smelt puppy breath then you know what I am talking about.  If you have not smelt puppy breath then you have no idea what you are missing out on.
I told you I like dogs didn't I?
Group shot!  Places everyone! 
Cinder ♦ Chewie ♦ Me ♦ Chloe ♦ Kady
Chloe had puppies - then met her tragic end causing us [Mom] to feed these cute little rats every three hours from a miniature bottle.

Andie {short for Andolynn of Evergreen, I told you Mom picks the names now} is the current resident at the Shill home.  I call her many things. 
Andie.  Andolynn.  Andinni Mussolini.  And sometimes when she acts crazy possessed [like really, it's freaky] I call her Rasputin.  You the evil radical Czar who killed all the Romanov's (Anastasia's family).
I saved the best for last.
This is Rose.
The best dog.
If she wasn't covered in fur, I'd swear she was human.

If she's not in heaven waiting for me when I get there:  I want my money back.


Linz said...

You're killing me with these posts! I could NOT be enjoying them more. You crack me up....and puppy breath!

You are so photogenic!

Mike and Katie said...

Mike loves puppy breath too :) Me not so much, but I love puppies.Fun thing is I know and love all of these dogs except for the newest addition. good times!

Megan and Jordan said...

Lindsay, you made my day! I started to feel like people would get annoyed with my nostalgia. Katie, I've been meaning to send you a message on Facebook...How's Utah? Our plans now are just to get Jordan graduated, then hopefully get a job. I am not working & enjoying all my free time...obviously spent working on the blog. :)

Chris and Heather said...

Boo hoo! Where have all the good dogs gone? (Even the OCD ones that lick glass doors). I'm glad to see you are putting all those boxes of Mom's photos to good use!