October 27, 2010

Flux Capacitor

If you asked Jordan how is weekend was, he would tell you it was the best weekend of his life.
The little
big kid
in him was thoroughly satisfied.
Jordan & his friends spent their youth riding quads, golf carts, & dirt bikes at Sycamore Creek.
So he is thrilled when I allow him to take me, his quad, & the Taco (Tacoma) there.
There was some water in the Salt River so we rode upstream as far as we possibly could & stopped at this LARGE rock
to enjoy the scenery & take a few photos.
Jordan wanted a picture of me on his quad in the stream.
Kid in a candy store, I tell you!
On the drive home, Jordan got a phone call from his friend Nate Schmidt who had the best news to ever grace his eardrums.
Get this...his favorite movie BACK TO THE FUTURE
would be re-showing in theatres for 1 weekend only! 
That's right my friends - - the universe has finally heard the cries of nerds everywhere & granted their very deepest 's desire...
BTTF + The Big Screen = Pure Bliss
So on October 25, 2010, (exactly 25 years To.The.Date. when Doc calls Marty & tells him to meet him at the Twin Pines Mall) my husband saw his favorite movie as it should be seen - on the big screen!

Side note:  I did not share this little tid bit of information from our recent Disneyland trip, but given the circumstances, I am compelled to tell you now.  We visited the site (Twin Pines Mall parking lot) where THE delorean reaches 88 mph & first blasts off back to the year 1955. 
Jordan went to both showings & had a grand ol' time.  I did not completely realize how nerd-tastic my husband was until this weekend.  Not that I am looking down on him for it.  Being nerdy gives you a couple golden stars in my book.  For I myself, am a nerd.
Anyway, I found these photos on Jordan's computer & I thought they would sum up this post quite nicely.
P.S.  I did not know a single BTTF fact until marrying BTTF's biggest fan.  Boy, would I have been missing out on some pretty fabulous useless facts.
P.S.S.  Jordan really, truly, honestly thinks he is going to own one of these someday...


Elisabeth said...

I laughed the entire time I read this because all the BTTF stuff could be said about Nate too. He pretty much told me he could die happy now, but I think he couldn't really die happy until he owned a Delorean. I think the only thing that could top off that weekend would have been if all the boys could have watched it together :)

Megan and Jordan said...

I know, it is pretty sad the square couldn't be united for such an occasion.

Sharon Mae said...

What a sweet wife to be so accepting of my BTTF son's passions. And you're right, the only thing he likes better than quadding is quadding with his sweet wife!

Mom said...

You would've thought that after watching BTTF everday for several weeks on TV, Jordan would've been tired of seeing it! I guess there was a time in my life that I felt the same about GWTW! Too bad they don't have out takes of that movie!