October 6, 2010

Ghosts of Halloween's Past

In honor of this time of year, I present to you [drum roll please]
Halloween costumes from my past!
Are we so excited?
We begin with The Bunny Rabbit.
Cute & Irresistible!
So cute & so irresistible that, in fact, I wore it
not once, not twice, three times!
{All 3 years must not have been photographed, but I am guessing by the 3rd year I had almost outgrown it, check out the high waters on above picture.}
I did make a cute bunny rabbit, until you compare me to my adorable niece Tawny!
Full group shot including Ben as a 50's greaser (The Outsiders), Tim as Pollyanna, & Bethany as ??? my mom's miniature version of herself???
Another costume that got worn more than one year was The Yellow Ballerina.
Again, I can't quite identify what Bethany is exactly?
Another year I made a last minute costume (because honestly I do not care for dressing up.  Lame, I know) & this is what I came up with,
The Grandma
Classic poses Grandma!
I regret to inform you my most genius costume was not photographed. 
It was also my last year I was allowed to trick-or-treat & so it was also the last year I dressed up. 
Picture, if you will, a paper mache Jack-in-the-Box head.  Like I said, genius.
Due to my lameness, I do not dress up anymore. 
This does not mean I do not enjoy Halloween.  I quite like it actually.  I like to watch others dress up, especially my adorable neices & nephews.
Oscar...I mean, Spiderman.
Bethany as a Mermaid & Heather as a Tootsie Roll
& me as a Party Pooper.
I am excited for this years costumes.  My siblings are very creative & have some pretty amazing plans for this year.  As for me...I get my Halloween kicks by making [& eating] these babies!
Happy Halloween Season, Everyone!


kcandbrookie said...

Oh I wish I was going to be there for your mom's yummy donuts. They are the best! Happy Halloween! love your costumes from the past :)

Chris and Heather said...

Not sure why, but I think I have the bunny costumes.
Yes, Every party must have a pooper, that is why we invite you :)
I remember the Jack head! Too sad no photos.

Mom said...

I love your blog and remembering some very happy times!