October 5, 2010

One 'Hail' of a Storm

Dad, Mom, & I thought we would take advantage of the cooler weather today & paint the shed in the backyard.  The weather was absolutely beautiful & we were quite enjoying ourselves...until the storm of the century rolled in!  Holy Cow - I don't think I've seen anything like it!
Luckily, only some of the paint washed off, which is seriously impressive.
Jordan was in our bedroom when he yelled for me to come take a look at the front yard.
This is what I saw...
You can't see it, but my car is behind all this mess.
{Secretly, I was really hoping my car would be under all this mess.}
We ran throughout the whole house opening windows & doors to see the torrential rain &,
 'what is that, hail?!'
Once the storm calmed down enough we set out for the front yard to assess the damage.
Not too bad, considering I thought the whole tree was toast at one point.
As you can see I am a measly few feet from my deepest, darkest wish coming true...the death of the Honda, sigh.
In my younger years I would be sending small boats made of sticks & leaves out to sail down the streets.
Why didn't my now old, boring self think of this excellent past time earlier.
Can I just tell you how thankful I am the garbage man [what's the politically correct name? Waste management man?] had done his job just moments before the storm reared its ugly head.
When all was said & done, I said "Again, again!" 
It was quite the exciting afternoon.

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