March 29, 2011


Jordan wanted to celebrate his 26th birthday in Chicago.  The 35° weather wouldn't STOP him.  Since I wasn't thrilled about how cold it would be, I thought I would invite our friends, the Mason's, to join in on the fun.  Misery loves company, right.
We started off the weekend with Jordan's favorite...
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream Cake
{I try not to take offense...I make delicious homemade cakes & Jordan just wants an ice cream cake.}
I invited the Mason's to come enjoy some cake & plan some last minute details to our trip that would take place the following morning, & they made Jordan's day with a gift card to his favorite lunch spot...Wendy's.
The four of us set off early Saturday morning for the airport. 
Destination The Windy City {Seriously an understatement!}
We stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel located in the of downtown Chicago. 
Our first goal was to eat a Chicago style deep-dish pizza.  The Real Deal.
We happened upon this place...
where we ate this...
I have got to admit, I never thought I would like deep-dish since I am a HUGE fan of thin crust, but this was 100% tasty!
Foolishly thinking a scrumptious meal like that would warm our souls, we set out to find Navy Pier
Lesson Learned:  If one walks TOWARDS a large body of water, {like Lake Michigan, for example} one is more likely to come across wind.  ESPECIALLY if one is in a place named THE WINDY CITY!!!
In all seriousness folks, it felt like my face was going to split open & then shatter like glass.  My face got so cold that I started to talk like I had just been to the dentist & my whole face was numb.  I have never been so cold in my life.

PLUS + + + Navy Pier...
Pretty much CLOSED completely down when it's 35°.  Thankfully there was a large stained glass display we walked through.
 We decided walking was for the birds, & caught a TAXI to see the Sear's Tower.
At the tippy-top.
Cute & brave couple sitting on the glass bottom ledge 1,353 feet up in the air. 
Jordan didn't want anything to do with the glass ledge.  He stayed long enough to snap this picture, but after that he was outta there!
That evening we ate some great Irish cuisine at a pub down the street from our hotel.  The concierge recommended it & it did not disappoint.  We slept in the next morning, exhausted from the previous day, ate a late breakfast at another place recommended by the concierge {another meal that lived up to our expectations} & then went to the Chicago Science & Industry Museum.  Before leaving Chicago, we needed to taste a Chicago Dog, or something along those lines, & since the concierge had a great track record, we asked him where to go...he sent us to Portillo's Hot Dogs.
And do you know what I'm going to say?...Yep, it was satisfying
Jordan had a very Happy Birthday.
Thank You to everyone who called, texted, & sent cards!
As a thank you to the Mason's, I made them some Strawberry Cupcakes today...
I love going over there are playing with this adorable little guy, Ralphie.
Speaking of adorable...
Jordan, not me.
Happy Birthday, Babe!  I love You!


Sharon said...

What a fun birthday!! Happy birthday to a wonderful son and thanks, Megan, for taking such good care of him! Love you both!!

Mom said...

Fabulous! I am glad to see your smiling faces! Looks like Jordan had a great birthday, filled with fun and good food!

Mike and Katie said...

Sounds like one of the best birthdays I've ever heard of. Mike would be so jealous, he LOVES Chicago! Hope you guys are doing well :)

Holly said...

I am so glad that Jordan had a nice one. I heard from a bird that you are coming to town. I CAN'T WAIT! Miss May May, we miss you.