September 23, 2011

My First Autumn

Every day I take Cadbury on {multiple} walks. It is gloriously splendid outside. Then I realized yesterday, this will be my very first {real} Autumn! I am enjoying every minute of it. It has reinstated my love of baking. During the hot, miserable summer, it was hard to want to turn on that oven. Now though, I am perfectly happy to be mixing up something delicious.  Last week I made multiple batches of Banana Bread
to give to neighbors and the women I Visit Teach.
For a Young Woman's birthday at church, I made
Peanut Butter Surprise Cookies.
Let me recommend these to everyone. I don't really like peanut butter cookies, but I couldn't keep my mouth away from these guys.  {Especially hot out of the oven...the Milk Dud was warm & melty and scrumptious!}
Last night I was dreaming of Peach Cobbler.  So I found this recipe and it was quite tasty.
Besides baking, I also seem to have caught a craft bug.  Yesterday I stalked the aisles at Michael's & Hobby Lobby for projects.  Last night I made this cute little number for our {no longer} naked front door.
I got this next darling idea from my niece & these are on my To Do List.
The final crafting project that I think I'll get a start on today is this Book Page Wreath.
Pinterest is getting me into all of these fabulous ideas. Have you discovered it yet? Seriously some really great stuff. Not only crafty ideas, but recipes, fashion, & some amusing this one was on there yesterday with the caption:
"Oh, you're home early!"
Ha ha! I was also able to find the PERFECT gift for our 5-Year Anniversary coming up...
{found here}
$$$$$$$ I don't think Jordan is liking that gift idea. $$$$$$$
So during all this crafting & baking for the past couple days, what has my poor dog been doing?
Sitting here,
barking at a cup in the parking lot.  The same cup.  For 2 days.
Finally this morning, I took him out to play with the object of his affection.
Fun had by all...maybe not by the cup though.
Anyone have any more great recipes or craft ideas??? Send them my way!


Holly said...

Yeah for baking and crafts. I have one of those pumpkins made with the metal tubing and I just made a book pumpkin with a stick for a stem. I love it. I love your yarn wreath. Those cookies look amazing! Yum! I have avoided pinterest because I already get way too distracted by crafts and it could be the death of me. Loves!

Mom said...

Your goodies look delish and I don't care for peanut butter cookies either! Your wreath is adorable, it's argyle! Love it! Can't wait to see your other projects, I especially love the rosette wreath. And Cadbury is a rascal dog, what a character he is. Looks like he keeps you all entertained!

Sharon said...

Thanks for sharing Jordan with us last weekend! Your crafts look adorable and I can't wait to see what CB is going to be for Halloween! Maybe we'll have Grady and Lyla be Beauty and the Beast or ?

Elisabeth said...

I love that wreath you made! So cute! I'm obsessed with Pinterest... its so very addicting. Haha, but I've gotten so many great ideas and recipes from it. Can't wait to see you guys next week!