December 17, 2012

Five Months

I can't believe this boy is getting so BIG so fast!
Slow it down buddy!
Yesterday, at church, I got to hold a 2-month old, who had already been passed around a bunch & was not happy. She came to church with her grandma & I would imagine she just wanted her mama. I figured I had to be the closest thing to her mama. (Who knows best how to hold a 2-month old than someone who just had a 2-month old 3 months ago - do you follow?) Anyway, she calmed right down & fell asleep. My theory was correct & it made me feel pretty good to be the 'Professional.'
Oliver has recently become VERY attached to me. :) He will be screaming & sobbing when Jordan has him & then takes one look at me & starts to laugh. {I then, start to laugh & Jordan then, rolls his eyes. Poor Dad.} I told him the tides will be turned eventually & all Ollie will want is for Daddy to come home.
We have been pretty busy lately...
'tis the Season' for business. Ollie & I will be headed to AZ soon, shortly followed by Jordan, so we had our Christmas a little early this year.
Ollie loves his new jumperoo!
The only problem...
are those shrimpy legs! Easily remedied! :)
We are ready for Christmas to get here officially. All we need is to pack & find a home for this cuddly creature over the holidays. {His previous sitter has sadly moved. Sad story!}
Who wouldn't want him curled up on their lap on Christmas morning?!?

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Briana Shepley said...

5 months!? How is that possible!? The scale + book cracks me up :)