May 29, 2012

Baby Shower

My generous and infinitely talented sisters and mom
threw me a baby shower in Arizona.
I was so excited to be able to make the trip home (Yes, I think Arizona is home).
It had been way too long since I had been there (Christmas).
The theme of the shower was Children's Books, since that is what I am decorating Baby Boy's nursery with.
The invitations, designed & put together by Bethany & Company...
Heather outdid herself with the decorations...
not only did she make me a diaper cake, but it is a Winnie the Pooh honey tree diaper cake.
She also spent endless hours in thrift stores on the hunt for children's books.
If you can't tell by the picture, in front of the salads are books called A is for Salad, Monsters Don't Eat Broccoli in front of the broccoli salad, & Oliver's Fruit Salad in front of the fruit salad. She made Green Eggs & Ham {Deviled Eggs, the yolks dyed green with pureed spinach and topped with bacon bits} with the book displayed next to it. Anyway, clever things like this that only she could come up with.
She made the following as well {you know, in her spare time}...

There were many hours spent in the kitchen by all of these special ladies {and more} making the 'Best of the Best' treats so all of my guests and I could over-load in deliciousness.
 It killed me that I was pretty much ZERO help in the kitchen. As soon as I stepped foot, or feet, in Arizona my feet swelled to ENORMOUS proportions...I am blaming it on the heat because they have since gone down. So I was of no help, but thankfully, Elyce let me boss her around and do the things I would have been doing if my feet didn't have to be propped up.
Holly made the party favors which were these cute bookmarks...thanks Holly!
We so very much missed your cute buns!
Also, in Holly's spare time {She & Heather spend their spare time eating Bon Bons & watching soap operas. NOT...they both have 5 kids to raise.}
she made me and baby this darling quilt!
Sharon gave me matching outfits for Cadbury and Baby...will definitely need some pictures of the two together.
Bethany captured this cute picture of some of my nieces & great-nieces who were there.
{Did you know that I am a Great-Aunt? Yep, multiplied by 8!}
It was fun to see everybody and I sure loved getting back to Tulsa and putting the nursery all together. Thanks to EVERYONE who helped spoil me and make me feel so very special. I have the best family!
(Coming Soon - post of nursery!)

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Mom said...

What a wonderful shower! I am grateful for all the support of family and friends who used their time, talents, and means to make everything look so darling and taste so good!