May 31, 2012

Oliver's Room

Our little Oliver

has quite the room awaiting him upon his arrival into this world. With lots of help/generosity from family, we are ready for him to come.  My sweet Mom got us the crib bedding & the 2 Nursery Rhyme pics above it. The crib is from Jordan's sister, Jenni, I just had to paint it. The rug is one of my Great-Grandma's rag rugs.
{The blanket hanging is the one I made for the little guy.}
My parents donated the white bookshelf & my Aunts who just trekked across the country for antique shopping brought it to me. The books were donated by Heather, Mom, and Bethany. The pictures and frames were gifts from Mom and Heather. The Winnie the Pooh beanie babies are treasures from my
 past. The red frame on top (still in its packaging) is for

Oliver’s baby picture once he makes his grand

appearance. My glider chair was a gift from Elyce & Anita. {I have ALWAYS wanted a glider chair to rock my babies to sleep.} My Mom made the cute snuggly blanket (along with dozens of others that are neatly folded in that there closet).
These pictures were all collections through the years {since I knew this would be the theme to my nursery a while ago}. Jordan found the lighthouse night light for me at an antique store {I love lighthouses & dream of owning a lighthouse house one day}. The knitted hat was an adorable find by Aunt Bethany. The fabulously soft elephant is from my sister-in-law Ginny and her mother {I him}. And finally, the dresser is from my parents, I just fixed it up with some paint and knobs.
I am still considering whether or not a changing table is needed.

Also searching for the perfect letter "O" {for Oliver }

to hang somewhere. So there are still a few finishing touches to be done, but pretty much...we are ready for this guy to come play with us.


Mom said...

Everything is so adorable, just like the sweet little face on the sonogram. I c'ant wait for his arrival! Love you!

Sharon said...

Wow, it turned out fabulously! That little guy will love his new home. Great job!