October 22, 2012

Three Months

Time flies when you are having this much fun!
I am enjoying {most} every minute of my cute Oliver.
He sleeps more & more every night - which is an AMAZING amount!
One 11 hour night {the night after our flight home from Denver} & his average right now is 9 hours. That all makes for a very happy Mommy!
He is getting so much personality & is even more fun with every passing day. His newest development is making lots of sounds. 
He & Cadbury are becoming buddies. I have yet to get a pic of the brotherly love.
{On this occasion, I got the camera out & would lean Oliver against Cadbury & Cadbury would get up & move 2 feet & plop back down. We repeated that several times before I gave up. Somebody, or some dog, rather, wanted the camera time to himself.}
We found a costume for the little boy to wear & I will show off that photo shoot in another post.
In unrelated news, Jordan found this beauty hanging out in our backyard the other day.
 The weather has been lovely. We are enjoying the cool breezes with just the right amount of warm sunshine.
That's it for now!
- - With Love From Tulsa


Briana Shepley said...

Three months!? 11 hours?! How can it be?! ;) Rio is three weeks today and even that has felt like it's flown by - I can't imagine hitting that three month mark!

He's cuter than ever :)

kcandbrookie said...

He is one of the cutest babies EVER! Love you guys