January 6, 2013

Brain of Mush

I am working on our Christmas post, but am having trouble uploading pictures so I thought I would update the world on the recent whereabouts of my brain.
{If you see it anywhere, please, let me know.}
For years, I have heard my sister talk about how kids turned her brain to mush. Until recently, I thought she was full of it. There are a few instances I would like to document, for they are amusing & should be shared with all.
Oliver & I were at my parents ward & I needed to make Ollie a bottle. I asked my mom to come out into the hall with me so she could hold him & I could make him a bottle in the bathroom. When I came out of the bathroom, my mom pointed at the 'Men's' restroom sign. My first thought was, 'Oh, that's why the sink was on the wrong wall.' {I grew up going to that ward building & kept wondering why the sink had been moved.} My first comment to her was, "Well, there was no urinal!" My Dad, upon hearing this comment, "Oh yes there is!" I replied, "Well, where is it?! I didn't see it." His response, "Next to the sink." [Where I filled up the bottle.]
Thankfully, the restrooms only occupant was me at the time of the incident...or at least, no one made themselves known while I was in there.
I helped my mother-in-law decorate her Christmas tree one day. A few days later, I was reading her blog & she talked about how I came over to help her decorate the tree. In the post she talked about how they got a 'real tree this year.' THIS, my friends, is how I learned it was a REAL TREE. So...when I asked my m-i-l if she could fluff the top where it looks a little smashed, that's why she responded reluctantly, "I guess I can try." AND that's why the limbs were so weak & couldn't hold a darn thing. AND that's why the trunk I was admiring for looking so real, looked so real. AND that's why it smelled so darn good. {I thought it was the candle she was burning in the other room.} AND that's why there were piles & piles of pine needles under the tree that I vacuumed up off the floor! {While I thought to myself, hmm...I didn't know fake trees shed this much...or at all!}
So, as you can see, it wasn't as if, I wasn't given the opportunity {on numerous occasion} to realize it was REAL!
Like I said, if you see my brain wondering around aimlessly anywhere, PLEASE, let me know!

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Sharon Mae said...

Hang in there...occasionally it turns up :) However, you're doing great with the cells you have left! It was so fun to have you all visit for the holidays!