January 9, 2013

Babies First Christmas

Oliver & I packed our bags & set off for  Arizona {again}!
 We arrived just in time to celebrate my birthday! Dad & Mom
prepared my traditional birthday dinner...Grilled Salmon, Baked Potatoes with Creamed Peas, & piña coladas! My favorites!
Thankfully, there was no shortage of desserts!
or crazy kiddos...
 I was just glad to be able to hang out with my parents & sister all day. :)
Jordan had more trouble than anticipated with getting to Arizona - - which is VERY frustrating. After his fourth or fifth trip to the airport & having ZERO luck getting on a flight I told him to just get in the car & drive. THANKFULLY, his parents are much smarter than I, & got him the LAST plane ticket on a flight the night of the 23rd. Yay!
We had the traditional Shill Family ChristmaEvMexican Feast, followed by the Nativity! Unfortunately, Cadbury could not represent the cow this year,
BUT, we had a really cute {really tired} baby Jesus!

{Hallie said she would ONLY be Mary if she could hold the baby Jesus. I guess she thinks she is too old. Thanks for being a good sport Beautiful Hallie!}
The rest of the crazies...

I personally the Dalmatian {in blue} in this next pic.
We had a lovely Christmas.
We were spoiled again this year & received too much from our loved ones.

We had fun celebrating JJ's birthday on the 28th. Jordan went shooting with his brothers & then we all met up for pizza later.
Then on the 29th, Jordan & I celebrated SIX years of marriage! Whoa!
Beth volunteered to babysit...
but I don't think Beth did much. Thanks to sweet Cousin Lucy, Oliver played,

was bathed,

& cuddled all night long!

While Jordan & I watched
& ate

It was nice to get out & we enjoyed ourselves,
I missed my little man.
We three rang in the New Year in airports & on airplanes - boo!
It was another nice trip to AZ. Thanks to all our family who entertained, fed, & put up with us. We miss you already!

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Briana Shepley said...

Well happy belated birthday and anniversary!!! We were surprised to see Jordan at one point when we thought he'd already be in Arizona! Glad you all were able to finally get together :)